Weekly Wrap-Up: 1/6-1/12


Weekly Wrap-Up: 1/6-1/12

In case you missed them, here’s a wrap up of our favorite blog posts of the week. Read, get inspired, and start cooking!


30 Days of Juicing30 Days of Juicing
Drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices regularly helps with weight maintenance and improves overall nutrition. Here, we have a month’s worth of delicious juice combinations — try them all!
Ingredient Spotlight: Celery RootIngredient Spotlight: Celery Root
This root vegetable is cultivated specifically for its large, knobby, gnarled root — and though it’s not so pretty to look at, the ivory flesh has a nutty, earthy flavor that’s delicious to eat. Learn more about celery root with our tips, and read on for some great recipes to use it in!
Learn to Cook: Stir-FryLearn to Cook: Stir-Fry
New Year’s resolution: learn to cook! Throughout the month, we’ll be sharing key technique primers, along with great recipes to go with them. Here, it’s all about stir-frying — read on, and get started!
Steak & Arugula Salad with OrangesSteak & Arugula Salad with Oranges
This flavor-packed salad is quick enough for a casual weeknight meal but elegant enough for your next dinner party. It showcases beautiful winter citrus, but you can also substitute pineapple for a tropical twist.
Recipe Roundup: Our Best New Recipes of 2013Recipe Roundup: Our Best New Recipes of 2013
As we start off a new year, we’re also looking back on the past one, celebrating all the delicious recipes created by the Williams-Sonoma Test Kitchen in 2013. We scoured our website to create a list of the recipes our customers loved best, based on top-notch reviews and glowing comments. Read on to see them all — we’re thrilled you tried them!
What We’re Reading: Weeknight WondersWhat We’re Reading: Weeknight Wonders
We all want to eat healthy, delicious meals every night, but after a long day it can be challenging. Luckily, Ellie Krieger’s new book Weeknight Wonders has 150 solutions for nutritious dinners on busy weeknights. Here, we ask her all about the book, plus some of her best healthy eating tips and strategies.
Try a Cleanse from Juice Generation!Try a Cleanse from Juice Generation!
This month, we’ve partnered with Eric Helms of New York’s Juice Generation to bring you two easy-to-use cleanses. Both programs — a one-day and a three-day cleanse — have the same goal: to refresh and reset your body and come back to balance without overhauling your lifestyle.
Learn to Cook: FryLearn to Cook: Fry
In the second part of our Learn to Cook series, we talk all about deep-frying — which pans and oils to use, and how to keep it safe. Learn more here!
Weekend Project: Gluten-Free BreadingWeekend Project: Gluten-Free Breading
Crunchy, golden-brown breaded dishes are always crowd-pleasers. If you’re avoiding gluten, there are still plenty of options that can create the same crisp satisfaction — try it out with these tips and ideas!
Sweet Potato Oven FriesSweet Potato Oven Fries
Nutrient-dense sweet potato fries are a healthy alternative to standard French fries, and chances are they will get devoured just as quickly. Serve these enticing oven fries as an after-school snack or a side dish — they go equally well with sandwiches and turkey burgers or roast chicken and fish.
Party Planner: Vegetarian Dinner PartyParty Planner: Vegetarian Dinner Party
You don’t need a show-stopping roast to impress guests at a dinner party! A meatless menu can be just as elegant and special as any other. Our tip: focus your efforts on one dish that takes a little time and effort to prepare, like the fresh pasta that takes center stage in this menu.
Q&A with Eric Helms of Juice GenerationQ&A with Eric Helms of Juice Generation
Meet Eric Helms, founder of Juice Generation in New York City. He founded his fresh juice bar in 1999, way before the rest of the world jumped on the bandwagon, and he’s been serving up delicious, nutritious juices ever since. Read on to hear his story.


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