Weekly Wrap-Up (2/26-3/3)

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In case you missed them, we’ve compiled our favorite blog posts of the week all in one place so you can read, get inspired — and cook!


6 Steps to Sublime Risotto
Risotto is a perfect example of the Italian talent of turning the simplest ingredients into a deliciously flavorful dish. Learn how to make it yourself, and try some of our delicious risotto recipes.
The ‘Braciole Wars,’ and a Family Recipe
Read how one woman bonded with her in-laws over this classic Italian dish, made from seasoned, rolled and braised flank steak. Step-by-step photos included!
Focaccia Bread Basics
Made from five simple ingredients, focaccia can be flavored with an endless variety of oils, olives, cheeses, herbs and vegetables. Serve it as a dinner accompaniment, or fill with a savory stuffing and cut into squares for a party appetizer — this recipe will get you started.
Pasta: It’s All About the Filling
A variety of stuffed pastas — think ravioli and tortellini — are sold fresh or frozen in supermarkets, but they can’t compare to the delicate pasta pillows you can make at home. Learn the difference between the shapes — along with the basics for filling, sealing and cooking — here.
5 Main Courses Anticipating Spring
As March approaches, we stop craving hearty winter comfort foods like stews and braises. Instead, our palates are attracted to the milder, brighter flavors of spring — fresh herbs, young root vegetables and gently cooked meat and seafood. To satisfy your evolving appetite try one of these recipes, which incorporate the fresh, lighter tastes of the upcoming season.
A Renaissance of Sicilian Wines
Sicily is experiencing a wine renaissance, thanks to improved winemaking and viticulture and a public that’s voracious for all things new, indigenous and delicious. Find out which varietals are taking the spotlight in this diverse region.
From Test Kitchen to Catalog: Artichoke & Lemon Fritto Misto
Few recipes are better suited for casual, Italian entertaining than fritto misto, and our new version is perfectly light and tangy. Check out this step-by-step guide to making the appetizer yourself, with photos straight from the Williams-Sonoma Test Kitchen.
Weekend Entertaining: Fresh From the Sea
Inspired by the Sicilians’ love of seafood, we’ve created a menu to capture the essence of the island’s cooking: simple and fresh. These recipes and entertaining tips will provide everything you need to pull off a relaxed, memorable get-together.

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