Weekly Wrap-Up: 3/17-3/23


Weekly Wrap-Up: 3/17-3/23

In case you missed them, here’s a wrap up of our favorite blog posts of the week. Read, get inspired, and start cooking!


Tortellini and Vegetable SoupTortellini and Vegetable Soup
Garnish this hearty vegetable soup with a spoonful of store-bought pesto, which adds an herbaceous note to the simple dish. Round out the meal with a loaf of crusty bread.
Ingredient Spotlight: PeasIngredient Spotlight: Peas
Fresh peas are the ultimate sign of spring, from sweet English peas to crisp sugar snaps. Read on for our best tips for choosing, storing and working with peas, plus some of our favorite ways to use them in the kitchen.
Q&A with Mark BittmanQ&A with Mark Bittman
Meet Mark Bittman, New York Times food columnist, bestselling author, and creator of the VB6 philosophy — that is, vegan before six. Here, we ask Mark all about the recipes in his new VB6 Cookbook, plus his best tips for eating well any time of day.
Thai Green Curry with Tofu, Asparagus & Baby Bok ChoyThai Green Curry with Tofu, Asparagus & Baby Bok Choy
Thai green curry paste has an incredibly bold, concentrated taste and a spicy heat. Here, it’s tempered by rich, creamy coconut milk, and a sprinkle of fragrant Thai basil tops it off.
Recipe Roundup: Spring ChickenRecipe Roundup: Spring Chicken
Pair chicken with fresh spring vegetables and savor the new season — here are some of our favorite recipes.
Mark Bittman’s VB6 PantryMark Bittman’s VB6 Pantry
This month, we partnered with Mark Bittman for the upcoming release of his new book The VB6 Cookbook. Here, we asked him for his top pantry staples to keep on hand for cooking healthy meals.
Itsy-Bitsy Lemon Meringue PiesItsy-Bitsy Lemon Meringue Pies
Making a lemon meringue pie isn’t easy, but the rewards are great, especially if (like us!) you’re a major lemon fan. These little pies take some effort, but they are adorable, perfect for a party, and will impress your guests.
Try Recipes from Mark Bittman's VB6 CookbookTry Recipes from Mark Bittman’s VB6 Cookbook
Here’s a sneak peek of some of the recipes in Mark Bittman’s new VB6 Cookbook — try them yourself!
7 Expert Tips for Rooftop Gardening7 Expert Tips for Rooftop Gardening
We were so inspired by the rooftop garden in our new catalog that we talked to our stylist, Amy Wilson. Here, she gives us her top tips for creating and maintaining a rooftop garden — what to plant, presentation ideas, and how to make it cozy.
Weekend Project: Sourdough StarterWeekend Project: Sourdough Starter
With a little patience, you can make a starter out of fresh grapes and flour alone — here, we’ll show you how it’s done. You’ll be rewarded with delicious, slightly tangy homemade bread you can eat warm from the oven.
Radishes with Butter & Herbed SaltRadishes with Butter & Herbed Salt
There’s a reason this classic French recipe shows up in so many cookbooks — it’s lovely! The key to making it special is all in the quality of ingredients. The radishes should be as fresh as possible, and the salt should be light and flaky.
Party Planner: Spring Supper for FriendsParty Planner: Spring Supper for Friends
This weekend, treat your friends to a colorful dinner inspired by the spring farmers’ market. From crisp raw vegetables to delicate greens and fresh herbs, our menu showcases all of the season’s best — and here, we’ll show you just how to pull it off at home.
New York Strip Steaks with Homemade Steak SauceNew York Strip Steaks with Homemade Steak Sauce
Seek out aged beef for this recipe — it has a rich, complex flavor that steak lovers will appreciate. For a steak-house-style meal, serve with onion rings and sauteed spinach with a touch of cream and pinch of chile flakes.


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