Weekly Wrap-Up (4/1-4/7)

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In case you missed them, we’ve compiled our favorite blog posts of the week all in one place so you can read, get inspired — and cook!


An Easter Dinner for Every Diet
Maintaining a vegetarian, gluten-free or dairy-free lifestyle is no sacrifice with new spring produce at hand — find your perfect holiday menu in these options, or mix and match dishes to customize your own.
How to Frost & Glaze a Cake
Spring baking is in full swing! This guide will help you finish off a delicious cake with a beautiful coat of even frosting worthy of a bakery display case.
S.F. Cioppino: A Vintage Taste of Fisherman’s Wharf
Learn the history of one family’s fish market at San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf, and try their signature recipe for classic Cioppino.
Decorating Easter Egg Lollipops
At Easter, nothing inspires creativity better than a snow white egg—and in this case, it’s an egg made of melted white chocolate—ready for some colorful springtime touches. Find out how kids can decorate these sweet treats themselves.
How to Make Vanilla Bean Crepes
Our contributor shares his original recipe for a special birthday breakfast.
Introducing: Agrarian
It’s an exciting week at Williams-Sonoma, where our team is thrilled to introduce Agrarian! Agrarian includes a range of products that support a lifestyle of healthy living and help bring the virtues of homegrown and homemade to your everyday table. Read on for more details about the new collection.
The Sous Chef Series Is Back!
Starting this week, each Monday will bring a new email profile of one of the country’s most exciting sous chefs. Sign up today for free and take a peek into the personal lives of the country’s most exciting culinary talent.
How to Decorate a Cake
A variety of simple decorations can dress up any cake, from layer cakes to simple butter cakes to even — on a  smaller scale — cupcakes. Find some easy tips here.
Weekend Entertaining: Elegant Easter Dinner
Celebrate the best of all things spring with an elegant sit-down dinner. Our sophisticated menu pulls out all the stops, starring classic leg of lamb, garden-fresh sides and a beautiful almond tart. Set your table with timeless style, with our expert entertaining tips as your guide — small details will create a truly memorable occasion.
6 Unique Recipes for Your Passover Seder
We tapped Michael Solomonov, chef/owner of the nationally acclaimed Zahav restaurant in Philadelphia, for some fresh Passover ideas, and he used traditional ingredients to develop these creative recipes. From a smoky Matzo ball soup to casserole-style brisket, this is Passover like you’ve never seen it before.
Hot Cross Bun Loaf
Hot cross buns are an Easter favorite, beloved and fun to make. Bakers turn them out by the hundreds this time of year! Here’s a riff on the classic in loaf form, which is delicious sliced, toasted and topped with a little butter.

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