Weekly Wrap-Up: 8/4-8/10


Weekly Wrap-Up: 8/4-8/10

In case you missed them, here’s a wrap up of our favorite blog posts of the week. Read, get inspired, and start cooking!


Grilled Pizza with Hummus and Rosemary Summer SquashGrilled Pizza with Hummus and Rosemary Summer Squash
This is an easy summer entertaining dish because it all comes together on the grill. Try this pizza with different vegetables throughout the year, such as asparagus, eggplant and peppers.
Ingredient Spotlight: PeppersIngredient Spotlight: Peppers
Raw — as crunchy crudites – or cooked until sweet and tender, vibrant peppers are some of summer and fall’s most colorful and versatile gems. Read on to learn how to choose, prep and use them in the kitchen, and find new recipe ideas from the Williams-Sonoma Test Kitchen.
Q&A with Ari Rosen, Chef/Owner of Scopa & Campo FinaQ&A with Ari Rosen, Chef/Owner of Scopa & Campo Fina
As we explore the flavors of California wine country this month, we partnered with with the teams at Healdsburg restaurants Scopa and Campo Fina to bring our Open Kitchen collection to life. Chef Ari Rosen created a menu of rustic Italian dishes featuring locally grown produce and world-renowned wines. Here, he tells us all about his background and his food philosophy.
Pastina and Kale Soup with AndouillePastina and Kale Soup with Andouille
This simple soup is packed with flavor thanks to the spicy andouille, and packed with nutrition thanks to the kale. Serve with bruschetta rubbed with garlic and topped with chopped ripe tomatoes and chopped fresh basil.
From the FarmFrom the Farm
Ari Rosen cooks by the ethos that great ingredients make great food, and takes care to source his ingredients almost exclusively from local Northern California farms (all within a five mile radius). Here, we profile three farms that supply the fruits, vegetables and pork products to his restaurants. 
Recipe Roundup: Weeknight CookingRecipe Roundup: Weeknight Cooking
These simple weeknight meals, featuring the best ingredients of late summer and early fall, leave plenty of time to enjoy evenings with friends and family.
Peach Ice CreamPeach Ice Cream
Fresh peach ice cream is a quintessential summer dessert. Leave the skins on to impart a lovely color and pure peach flavor to the ice cream. 
How to Cook with WineHow to Cook with Wine
A good wine can elevate your cooking — not just as a drink pairing, but as a key ingredient, too. Read on for our top tips for cooking with wine, and save those half-empty bottles — they’ll keep in the fridge for up to a week when recorked, ready to use in your favorite dishes.
Q&A with Zureal BernierQ&A with Zureal Bernier
Zureal Bernier has worked on a farm almost since the day he was born on his family’s Geyserville, CA farm
, whose crops regularly supply ingredients for Scopa and Campo Fina. We spent a day at Bernier Farms talking to Zureal about the crops and his day-to-day life on the farm; read on for our Q&A.
Summer Coq au VinSummer Coq au Vin
Using white wine instead of the usual red transforms this slowly simmered stew into a lighter, fresher-tasting dish. Serve the dish with the same white wine you used to cook it.
Fresh Pasta Ari’s WayFresh Pasta Ari’s Way
In the menu he created for our 
Vineyard Dinner with Scopa, Chef Ari Rosen served fresh pappardelle with Italian sausage, fennel and soft ricotta — a standout dish demonstrating that often the traditional way is the best way. Here, we ask Ari how it’s done.
Q&A with Jessica RossQ&A with Jessica Ross
As the manager at Scopa, Jessica Ross stays busy overseeing the restaurant’s staff and making sure customers are happy. Here, we ask Jessica all about what she does at the restaurant and her favorite thing to eat at Scopa.
Ratatouille GratinRatatouille Gratin
A mandoline makes quick work of slicing the vegetables for this simple yet sophisticated play on ratatouille, a Niçoise vegetable dish that is traditionally made with tomatoes, eggplant and squash.
Q&A with Alex LaphamQ&A with Alex Lapham
As a farmer at MIX Garden, Alex tends the produce that fills the menus at Scopa and Campo Fina, among other restaurants in the area. Get to know him in our interview.
Party Planner: Vineyard Dinner with ScopaParty Planner: Vineyard Dinner with Scopa
Here, Ari Rosen shares a menu of his soul-satisfying fare: generous starters to sustain guests while they gather outside with a glass of wine, followed by a hearty braise and fresh pasta. It’s the perfect meal to share in a vineyard—or your own backyard.
Eggs Benedict with Tarragon HollandaiseEggs Benedict with Tarragon HollandaiseThis recipe combines eggs Benedict and Florentine for the best of both worlds and adds roasted tomatoes to further cut the dish’s richness. The tarragon adds a bit of earthiness to the decadent hollandaise sauce.
Q&A with Carlisle DegischerQ&A with Carlisle Degischer
As a floral designer at Healdsburg’s 
Dragonfly Floral, Carlisle Degischer creates arrangements for weddings and events using the flowers grown at her family’s farm. A close friend of Ari’s, she was a natural choice to join — and provide flowers for — our dinner in the vines. Here, we ask Carlisle all about her gardening philosophy and what inspires her natural, beautiful designs.



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