This Week’s Food News: The Top Googled Game Day Recipes in Every State


Plus: Chef’s Table: Pastry will debut in April, canned cherry tomatoes exist, and Ina Garten shared her favorite game day dip on Instagram.


Google just released the most popular game day recipes in all 50 states. Spoiler: People really love their chili. [Refinery29]


Netflix’s Chef’s Table series is coming back in April, and this time they’re highlighting the pastry world. Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi will be featured in one of the episodes. [Eater]


Canned cherry tomatoes exist and they sound absolutely delicious. [Bon Appétit]


Ina Garten just shared the dip recipe she always makes for the Big Game on Instagram and it sounds surprisingly easy to make. [Food & Wine]


Florida High School performs a musical about their favorite grocery store, Publix. [PopSugar]


Curious about bone broth? Here’s everything you need to know about this flavorful trend. [Food52]

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