6 Great Gifts to Give When Their Wedding Registry’s Complete

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It’s impossible to go wrong gifting the bride and groom with a classic porcelain serving bowl.


You know the scenario: You have friends or family getting married this year, and you’ve put off some of the arrangements until the last minute. Wishing the soon-to-be-newlyweds well with a gift is still on your to-do list, so you log onto the couple’s registry, only to find out that it’s 100 percent complete and there are no more outstanding items. What to do now?


While a wedding registry is merely intended to offer guests with gift suggestions, not obligations, veering off of it can be a tricky move. After all, you don’t want to impose something on the couple that isn’t their style. If the couple’s wedding registry is already full, though, we have six suggestions. Read on to see what they are, and why they’re so foolproof.

1. Timeless Servingware

Serving Bowl

Most couples have plenty of bowls, plates and glasses for everyday eating, but not enough pieces that are centered around entertaining. Wish the newlywed pair well with a serving bowl, like a rustic wood serving bowl that’s perfect for salads, or this Pillivuyt white porcelain version.

2. Classic Picture Frames


It’s true that frames are the textbook standard wedding gift. But there’s a reason why: They add a personal touch to any dwelling without being too invasive. If you’re going to go this route, stick to something that fits well into either classic or modern decor, like a walnut photo frame or this classic silver one. The perfect way to make this feel more personal? Frame your favorite photo or snapshot from the wedding.

3. A Cashmere Throw in a Neutral Color

Cashmere throw

Blankets and throws are one of our go-to favorite wedding gifts. After all, no one can ever have too many cozy, soft things to snuggle up to on the couch (and when they’re not being used, they serve as an accent to any room, adding a pop of color). You can’t go wrong with ultra-luxe, ridiculously soft cashmere, especially in a neutral hue like oatmeal.

4. Food Gifts

Spice block

Since everyone’s eating preferences are different, one might argue that food gifts are too risky of a bet. But stick to something not too perishable and all-purpose enough for any at-home cook, like a spice block set or a salt library, and it’s sure to become a newlywed go-to.

5. Kitchen or Bath Towels


Basic towels for the kitchen or the bath are always useful, particularly since linens show wear and tear with use, and will eventually need to be swapped out, regardless of whether the couple registered for them. We’d recommend gifting the bride and groom with solid-colored ones in white, beige or another earth tone.

6. And Last but Not Least: A Gift Card


You can never, ever go wrong with giving someone a check for his or her wedding. But if cold, hard cash just feels too transactional for you, there’s an easy way around that: Put the value of it on a gift card where they’re registered. You’ll feel like you’ve given a real present, the bride and groom get to spend the value on whatever they need, and nobody has to worry about anything getting broken in transit—it’s an all-around win-win.


One last pointer: Always include a gift receipt. Despite what a crowd-pleaser your gift is, there’s always a possibility it could be a duplicate gift, have a defect, or somehow need to be returned.


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