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This post comes courtesy of Michelle Foss, a member of the Williams-Sonoma merchandising team.


Back to school and already bored to tears with the lunches you’re packing? Me, too! To complicate matters even more, the preschool my boys attend only allows vegetarian lunches. After a day of mac and cheese and a day of PB&J, I’m all tapped out. Even my three-year-old twins roll their eyes at my efforts.


But luckily, right before my kids threatened to picket, I found The Lunch Box cookbook.

Now they get to open their lunch boxes to peanut butter noodles with snow peas, veggie sushi rolls and deviled eggs. There are also some combinations I wouldn’t think of — like guacamole and pears – that the kids love.


Their lunch boxes are actually coming home empty! Some of the ideas are simple but make lunch a lot more fun: chopsticks, cool ingredients for your wraps (lavash!) and sandwiches cut into creative shapes.


With all the options, I have a different meal for every day of the month, if not more. Next on my list are the wagon wheels with pesto and broccoli and the Mexican layer dip. I never thought I’d look forward to some bananas going mushy so that I can make banana bread sandwiches with honey and whipped cream cheese. Save yourself some lunch time attitude and buy this book at your local Williams-Sonoma store!


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About the author: As a member of the merchandising team for Williams-Sonoma’s retail stores, Michelle travels all over the world to find the best products to bring to WS customers. Michelle is passionate about food and finds herself “collecting” restaurants on her travels. Her favorite pastime, though, is being the mom of twin 3 year-old boys. She loves to find recipes that make the whole family happy – many of which come from her own mom’s arsenal.

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