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Cook, Why We Cook

Cooking means something different for everyone — whether it’s for comfort, family or health; to entertain; or to make memories. Over the past couple of months, The Blender team has asked our contributors to share their funny, personal and often poignant stories that have led them to the kitchen, all featured below for you to enjoy and share.


Your own responses to the question “why do you cook?” have been equally inspiring, touching and enlightening. As always, thank you for contributing to this passionate community of cooks!


Why We Cook at Williams-Sonoma
At Williams-Sonoma, we’re passionate about food — both in the office and at home. Read on to see our team members’ reflections on why we cook.
Matzo Ball Soup
Learn how one writer connects to memories of his grandmother and generations past with this traditional recipe.
Sweet n’ Creamy Radish Guacamole
The most delicious foods are the ones that make us feel good, too, as this food writer explains. Find out how rewarding it can be to share clean, nourishing food with others.
Tuscan Panzanella
Food has the power to change our lives. Doubtful? Read this culinary instructor’s story about how a signature regional dish inspired her to quit her job, enroll in culinary school and never look back.
Chocolate Chip Cookies
In this mom’s kitchen, the hand-me-down recipes stained with love stand the test of time. By sharing the stories of her mother and grandmothers, adding twists of her own, she keeps the lessons alive.
Fruit & Nut Granola
For this culinary expert, cooking is a tool — for teaching her son life skills and for taking care of her friends and family in a personal, meaningful way.
Grandma’s White Bread
This dad of three makes time for cooking because he loves knowing the sandwiches and toast his kids eat comes from something he created. And as a bonus: his house smells incredible!
Bumps in the Soup
One writer shares her touching story about preparing traditional soup and dumplings for her ailing aunt just the way she likes it — with lots of gizzards, and bumps as big as boulders.
Afternoon Apathy Cupcakes
When it comes to cooking together, the failures can be just as sweet as the triumphs. Read this contributor’s favorite kitchen memory of her grandmother, which ends with both of them laughing, covered in chocolate.
Black Bean Soup
This writer blossomed from a picky eater to a voracious cook after one bite of stick-to-your-bones soup. Find out how her desire to recreate a memorable restaurant experience changed the direction of her life.
Cranberry-Orange Muffins
At first she cooked to fill a need. As her personal journey continued, she realized she was destined to cook all along. Read this inspiring culinary story from a former attorney turned educator.
Why Do You Cook?
We were overwhelmed by your inspiring responses to this simple question. Whether for health, family, creativity or to bring loved ones together, these personal reflections and journeys are worth repeating — and sharing.

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