Will You Accept This Rose (Cake)?

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Everything’s coming up roses this week. Whether you just happen to be throwing a rose-themed party or you want to serve a blushing beauty on Valentine’s Day, here’s a bouquet of our best products. There’s a Bundt pan for a knockout coffee cake, ice molds for cocktails that have a rosy outlook, a vivid red rose cake sure to break Instagram, and the most elegant petits fours.

Rose Cake

rose cake

Got your phones ready? Good. Everyone’s going to want to snap a picture of this gorgeous cake. Boutique bakery We Take the Cake prepares these exclusively for Williams Sonoma. Four layers of rich, moist chocolate cake alternate with a dreamy cream cheese chocolate frosting. Bakers pipe on bright red roses of buttercream for a jaw-dropping finish.


Rose Bundt Pan

Imagine your favorite red velvet cake recipe poured into this stunner. A Nordic Ware Rose Bundt is an easy way to add a flowery touch to an event. Pour in coffee cake batter if you’re doing a brunch, or simply add your go-to chocolate or vanilla cake recipe. The pan does the work of making your cake as pretty as a picture, and it’s very accommodating of all sorts of recipes.


Rose Ice Molds
rose ice molds

Functional and fun, these rose-shaped ice molds produce large cubes that melt slowly. Your bourbon sours, Campari and sodas, or virgin spritzers will stay cold longer without getting overly diluted. We like to pour a dark spirit such as rum or bourbon over the cubes in an Old Fashioned glass for a big “wow!” factor.


Rose Petal Petit Fours
rose petal petits fours

Rose petal passionfruit ganache and a single candied rose petal top luscious vanilla bean cake in these romantic treats. Valerie Confections, an award-winning Los Angeles confectioner, make petits fours that combine delicate flavors to delicious effect. And best of all, each of the 12 bears that sweet candied petal, so everyone at the party gets a rose.

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