Williams Sonoma Staffers Share Their Father’s Day Gift Picks

Father's Day

When you work at a place like Williams Sonoma, you live with the burden of always having to give the perfect gift. In surveying a few of our associates at Williams Sonoma headquarters, we learned that even our dads expect Father’s Day gifts to be on point! To that end, we asked eight of our staff members who are fathers to share their picks for gifts that live up to the hype (if you’re feeling inspired to do some last-minute retail therapy, click on the numbered black circles below!).



6 comments about “Williams Sonoma Staffers Share Their Father’s Day Gift Picks

  1. Staff Gift Picks for Father's Day - Recipes

  2. JoyceBinAtlanta

    Love your Dad’s Day email! Sometimes it’s hard remembering that real people, with personalities, make up an organization. Great pictures, and thoughtful reasons for their gift wishes.


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