Williams-Sonoma Wellness Collection: Cooking & Serving Ideas

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We developed the Williams-Sonoma Wellness collection to help you make delicious, nutritious meals in minutes. Our all-natural sauces, soups and seasonings are vegetarian, nutrient-rich, and low in both fat and cholesterol, hand-crafted in small batches for simple dishes that are wholesome and flavorful.


What we also love about these products is their versatility — they can be used in endless combinations with different techniques. Keep reading for ideas!



Our Simmer Sauce is perfect for quick meals, brightly flavored with tangy Meyer lemons, black pepper and roasted garlic. Add it to lean proteins such as sautéed chicken or shrimp, simmer for a few minutes, and dinner is served! For a vegetarian option, add tofu or your favorite seasonal vegetables into the sauce and simmer.

Try it: Roast seasoned chicken breasts in the oven until cooked through, then add to the pan with the simmer sauce. Cook for a few minutes to allow the flavors to meld. Serve with lightly sauteed spinach.



Take flavor to the next level, not sodium. Our Salt-Free Seasonings are delicious rubbed on meats and fish, but they can bump up vegetarian pastas, pizzas and sides, too. Toss vegetables in the seasoning before roasting, or add it to sauces and soups.

Try it: Rub the Porcini, Shallot & Chive seasoning on pork chops, sear, then finish in a preheated oven. Serve on a bed of lightly wilted kale. Make a dipping sauce by stirring our Italian Herb & Roasted Garlic seasoning into low-fat sour cream or Greek yogurt, and serve with raw vegetables as an appetizer. Sprinkle the Ancho Chili & Lime seasoning onto skewered shrimp before grilling and accompany with a wedge of lime.



Pasta is the ultimate weeknight meal, but your standard tomato sauce can get a little tired. Our pasta sauces star unique flavors such as chilies, sweet peppers and artichokes.

Try it: Boil fettuccine and top with our Artichoke, Roasted Garlic & Caper sauce and grated hard cheese. Toss cooked penne with the vibrant Calabrian Chili and Castelvetrano Olive, or add our Smoked Tomato & Sweet Red Pepper to spaghetti with shaved Parmesan.



Our new braising sauces can be combined with your choice of meat, vegetables, tofu or tempeh in a slow cooker or Dutch oven, then served with steamed rice or roasted potatoes. Chunky with vegetables such as mushrooms, peppers and zucchini, they are as nutrient-rich as they are flavorful.

Try it: Brown chicken and add to a pot with the Madras Vegetable Curry sauce, braise, and serve over steamed rice. Slow-cook cubes of beef in our Red Wine & Cremini Mushroom sauce, then ladle over cooked pappardelle. Stew pork shoulder in the Sautéed Kale, Chickpea & Tomato sauce, and serve with a side of nutty farro.


Heat & Serve

Our fresh, wholesome soups are perfect for a quick, hearty meal — just add chicken or vegetable stock, heat, and serve with rustic bread and a salad.

Try it: Dunk toasted croutons into our Spiced Carrot & Ginger soup, and serve our Red Chief Lentil & Melted Leek soup with warm naan bread. The Heirloom Bean Chili is wonderful on its own, but we love serving it over cooked quinoa for added texture.

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  2. mary mitchell

    no comment-I am looking for your pakge turkey stuffing-canberry. I had it @ christmas and can’t find it our web-site.
    Please let me know if I can order it and how much per box.

    thank you

  3. Olivia Ware

    Hi Mary, I apologize for your trouble — our stuffings are seasonal items, so they are not available online or in stores year-round. Please check back next fall to see our 2013 stuffing offerings!

  4. Gen H

    I love your Wellness Collection braising sauces – will you ever bring these back or are they still available to order?

  5. deborah smith

    Why was this collection discontinued? /The salt-free porcini, shallot &chive are absolutely fantastic!!! Whom else may make this….I’d love to buy more? Thank you


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