Wine Tasting Glossary

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Wine Tasting Glossary

Talking about wine shouldn’t be intimidating! You’ll find that tastings are more fun and educational when you know how to describe what you’re sipping. Boost your wine vocabulary with just a handful of key terms, outlined in our chart above. Then, gather friends and organize a wine-tasting party of your own to get the conversation started.


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6 comments about “Wine Tasting Glossary

  1. Akash

    Excellent stuff, I wish I came to know about this Wine tasting glossary some time back in my college days, then I would be considered as a Wine genius 🙂 haha

    But, still it’s good to know new things anytime, interesting information!

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  6. Adam M

    Great Article! knowing the differences between the various Wine characteristics is great to know. I will definitely be bringing this along to my next with tasting in Niagara.


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