Here’s Why You Should Add Wine to Your Wedding Registry

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While it’s far from the main draw, registering for gifts is a terrifically fun part of getting married. Depending on how long you and yours have been together, may have already amassed many kitchen essentials, so it can be difficult to decide what else to register for.


That’s why we’re here to tell you this: In addition to dishes, glassware and linens, wine is both a delicious and rewarding gift to give and receive. It’s wonderful to be able to pop open a bottle to share during special moments as a new couple or with family and friends at your first housewarming party. Read on to learn how to register for wine gifts in the Williams-Sonoma Wedding Registry, and for a few of our favorite wine gift suggestions for every occasion.


How to Create a Williams-Sonoma Wine Registry

  1. Set up a Williams-Sonoma wedding registry.
  2. Once you’ve set up your registry, click on “View Registry List.”
  3. From your registry list page, you’ll see the words “Add Williams-Sonoma Wine to Your Registry.” Click “Create Wine Registry.”
  4. A new page will open, directing you to the Williams-Sonoma Wine Registry. Click on “Create Registry.”
  5. Create your registry on Williams-Sonoma Wine.
  6. Add wine times to your registry.
  7. When you’re finished adding wine to your Williams-Sonoma Wine registry, click on “Return to Williams-Sonoma Registry” to return to your wedding registry.
  8. In the future, to add or modify your Wine Registry from the Williams-Sonoma Registry homepage, simply click on “Manage Your Wine Registry.”


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What to Register For

Once you’ve registered, consider adding one or all of these wine gifts to your registry list.


Honeymoon collectionThe Honeymoon Collection: These wines are for the couple that enjoys cooking at home and enjoying a good bottle of wine together. Each wine in this gift is perfect for trying your hand at food and wine pairing, as each wine was chosen with this in mind. So if you are looking forward to a few intimate dinners at home then this gift is for you!


The Date Night Collection: One sure way to keep a relationship fresh is date night! This collection of wines is a match made in heaven for any date night, whether it is staying-in, or heading out to your favorite casual spot. For instance, the Val de Mer Sparkling Rose is an ideal way to kick-off a night on the town!


The Celebration Collection: Any new couple will have plenty to celebrate and this gift will ensure that there is wine at the ready for such occasions. Amongst the wines is a Prosecco that screams for a Sunday brunch, a food worthy Chardonnay, and a crowd-pleasing Syrah. If you’re a couple that loves a good party, you just found an excuse to host your next one!


Boutique redsBoutique Reds: This collection of wines is for the couple that loves wine and has been exploring and discovering wines together for some time. These three wines are from small producers around the globe that will delight any couple looking to discover something new. From an Oregon Pinot Noir to an Austrian red, a new favorite is only one cork away.


The Reserve Collection: If you would like to build a wine collection together, this trio of wines is the perfect way to start! A well-stocked cellar is not only about wines that you can drink on special occasions and age for years to come, but also about wines you can enjoy spur-of-the-moment. The wines in this gift are versatile enough to do both, so if you are hoping to save the wines for a celebration down the road, you can easily do so. However, if you get an unexpected wine connoisseur at your dinner table and need to impress, these wines will do that too.


For more, see all of our Williams-Sonoma wine collections and gifts

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  1. Christopher Brandow

    Is this still an available option? Trying to add wine to our wedding registry!

  2. Shannon

    Is this still a thing? Williams-Sonoma customer service sent me to this link but I cannot find “view registry link” on my registry! We really want to add this…it shouldn’t be so difficult.

  3. Michael Roy

    Interested in leveraging this for our non-profit organization.
    Is the wine registry available for 2018?
    Welcome your prompt reply as we advance our annual planning.


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