Wrap & Roll Lunches

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Want a break from the same old same old lunch box fare? Wraps are the perfect portable package, and kids just love them. You need only three simple components to customize a delicious wrap of your own.


The Components

The wrapper

Tortilla (white, wheat, sun-dried tomato, spinach or corn), lavash, chapati (Indian flatbread), nori (seaweed), romaine or red-leaf lettuce

The “glue”

Cream cheese, Brie cheese, goat cheese, hummus, mashed avocado, jam or chutney, pizza sauce, mayo, pesto, olive tapenade, refried beans

The fillings

Sliced deli meat, shredded chicken, smoked salmon, cooked bacon, tuna or egg salad, cheese, chopped salad, vegetables or fruit, rice, salsa

Wrap like a pro

1. Spread the wrapper with an even layer of your “glue.” Add the filling ingredients in layers, or arrange them in a horizontal line across the center of the wrapper.


2. For a hand roll-style wrap, fold the right side of the wrapper over the filling, then roll up into a tight cylinder (the filling will peek out the other side). For a burrito-style wrap, fold the right and left sides over the filling before rolling (the filling will be enclosed).


Pack like an expert

Wrap in foil or wax paper and secure with a string or ribbon. To keep a cold wrap cool, pack next to an ice pack or chilled water bottle. To keep a heated wrap warm, place in the oven after it’s wrapped in foil, and pack in an insulated bag or container away from any foods that should be kept cool.

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