Sous Chef Series: Sean Spradlin’s Fideos with Clams & Squid

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Sous Chef Series: Sean Spradlin's Fideos with Clams & Squid

Everything Sean Spradlin thought he knew about pasta changed when he took his first bite of fideos at Casa Mono, a tapas spot in Manhattan, three years ago.


The Spanish dish, for which noodles are first toasted and then slowly cooked in liquid, was a revelation to Spradlin, who is currently the executive sous chef at Carriage House in Chicago. He quickly adopted the technique, and when we asked him for a recipe for the latest edition of the Sous Chef Series, he shared his version of fideos with clams and squid. The dish, thickened with romesco sauce and brightened by chimichurri, is a whole new take on noodles.


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