Weekend Project: Bake a Bunny Cake

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Weekend Project: Bake a Bunny Cake
Make your Easter celebration one to remember with a showstopping bunny cake! We flipped for the playful cake shown in our latest catalog, a whimsical treat in the shape of the season’s signature rabbit. All you need to pull it off is our easy-to-use nonstick pan, plus a few everyday baking essentials — then, decorate any way you like. Whether you sprinkle your bunny with sugar, drizzle him with a chocolate glaze or adorn him with colorful icings, this magical cake is guaranteed to make everyone at the table smile.


There are two ways to serve the cake: You can build a 3-D bunny cake following the directions below, or simply bake one half and serve it, flat side down, directly on a platter. Surround it with festive Easter candies for a pretty presentation.


Add the batterAdd the batter

Grease and flour the pan, then divide the batter made from our Bundt cake mix between two halves.

Bake, then cool downBake, then cool down

Place pan on a wire cooling rack and let cool 10 to 15 minutes.

Turn outTurn out

Invert pan onto rack and lift it off. Let cakes cool completely.

Trim topsTrim tops

Using a serrated knife, trim the domed top of each cake to create a flat surface.

Sneak a sampleSneak a sample

Enjoy the cake scraps with whipped cream to tide you over!

Fill with frostingFill with frosting

Spread a 1/4-inch layer of buttercream frosting on the flat side of one cake.

Bring it togetherBring it together

Top with the other cake half and let sit for 30 minutes so frosting can stiffen.

Add a finishing touchAdd a finishing touch

Dust with confectioners’ sugar or pipe buttercream frosting to decorate.

Serve up a surpriseServe up a surprise

Stand bunny upright and transfer to a plate or cake stand to serve.


Happy Easter!

8 comments about “Weekend Project: Bake a Bunny Cake

  1. Elizabeth AKenney

    Just finished making the cake for Easter. Looks adorable. Haven’t tasted it yet, but I am concerned because the bunny ears cooked much faster than the rest of the cake. I covered the ears with foil for the last 10 minutes but they still got over cooked. One other comment…only had to cook the cake for 52 minutes rather than the 60 the recipe called for. My over may be off though.

  2. Elaine Simmons Steiner

    Yes the ears do cook more quickly than the rest. Will try foil next time. And the little tail didn’t quite fill up. My mom probably made one of the first bunny cakes 40 years ago from two 9 inch rounds. This certainly takes it up a level! Doing mazapan carrots with green coconut “grass”.

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  4. Beverly O'Driscoll

    I am looking for the recipe for the bunds cake for the bunny pan. Can I have it please. I can’t seem to find it. Thank you.

  5. Helen Z Cornely

    Need the recipe for the Bunny 3d Pan- the bundt cake mix- please send to my emai
    H. Cornely


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