15 Years of Peppermint Bark

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15 Years of Peppermint Bark

Join us in celebrating the 15-year anniversary of Peppermint Bark! Our signature sweet has been ringing in the holiday season year after year, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate its return. To mark this special occasion, we created a limited-edition two-pound box of bark, plus a whole new collection of confections inspired by the classic candy. The more the merrier!


This nostalgic handmade confection is still made the same way it always was. First, semisweet chocolate is infused with natural peppermint oil that’s been double-distilled to extract the cool, clean flavor of fresh mint. Following time-honored techniques, candy makers pour a layer of the melted dark chocolate onto a confectioner’s table, then add a layer of creamy white chocolate. Our famous bark is finished with a sprinkling of crisp, handmade peppermint candy bits.




15 Years of Peppermint BarkIt took more than 20 rounds of testing to settle on the perfect recipe for Peppermint Bark.


Very few people know the top-secret formula.


We spend 12 weeks every year making Peppermint Bark especially for the holidays.


We use over 1 million pounds of Guittard chocolate each holiday season.


It takes more than 24 hours to make a batch of Peppermint Bark from start to finish.


We make more than 65,000 pounds of peppermint bits each year to sprinkle over our bark.


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