3 Ways with Spring Green Garlic

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Like asparagus and ramps, green garlic is a hallmark of spring. The delicately flavored allium is simply immature garlic, harvested just before the plant begins to form cloves. With a milder flavor than regular garlic, it complements the delicate flavors of the season in soups, sauces and alongside roasted vegetables.


Pick up green garlic on your next visit to your local farmers’ market — the vegetables look a lot like green onions, with a light pink tinge at the bulbs. Then try preparing it in one of these delicious spring-inspired recipes.


Sautéed Chicken Breasts with Fava Beans and Green Garlic
In this recipe, green garlic complements the earthy, pleasing bitterness of fresh fava beans to create a chicken dish that is a tribute to spring.
Green Garlic and Spinach Soufflé
This elegant side dish makes a nice alternative to a gratin or simple sautéed greens. The subtle flavor of the green garlic brightens heartier spinach and cream.
Grilled Baby Leek, Green Garlic and Roast Lamb Sandwiches
Like green garlic, baby leeks have a more delicate taste than their more mature relatives — and they are particularly wonderful when browned briefly on the grill in these sandwiches.


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