5 New Twists on Sweet Potato Casserole

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As a kid, I looked forward to Thanksgiving at my grandmother’s house for many reasons, but her sweet potato casserole was a special draw. It was a traditional dish of pureed, sugary-sweet potatoes topped with a generous layer of packaged mini marshmallows — in other words, a sanctioned opportunity to eat dessert for dinner. Followed by more dessert, of course.


It’s been years since I’ve tasted that casserole, but I have loved seeing how contemporary chefs and cookbooks are updating the classic (like Chef James Tracey’s sweet potato puree above). If you’re ready to try a fresh spin on this Thanksgiving side dish, consider these original recipes.


Sweet Potato Purée with Caramelized Marshmallow
Chef James Tracey takes traditional sweet potato casserole in a sophisticated direction in this recipe, substituting homemade meringue for the marshmallows. The meringue turns toasty brown on top, complementing the silky sweet potatoes.
Sweet Potato Mash
This delicious dish comes from the Williams-Sonoma test kitchen, and it’s packed with autumn flavors. Cinnamon and nutmeg lend a spiced note to sweet potatoes, topped with a maple-pecan drizzle for a sweet crunch.
Sweet Potato Gratin with Pecans
Gratins make elegant side dishes for a special occasion, elevating the sweet potatoes to a new level. Prosciutto and crème fraiche combine with sweet potatoes in this dish for a perfect sweet-salty balance.
Souffléed Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potatoes take on a light and fluffy consistency in this top-rated recipe. Two kinds of cheeses lend a savory flavor, becoming crispy on top when baked.
Herbed Sweet Potatoes with Feta
Keep it simple and skip the puree with this customer favorite — no sweet tooth required. Seasoned sweet potatoes are sliced and layered in a baking dish, then baked with cheese, nuts and herbs.


About the authorOlivia Terenzio grew up in Mississippi, where she cultivated a love of sweet potatoes, crawfish and cloth napkins at a young age. A passion for sharing food with friends and family led her into the kitchen and later to culinary school, where she learned how to roast a chicken and decorate a cake like a pro. As a Williams-Sonoma blog editor, she’s now lucky enough to be talking, writing and thinking about food all day.

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