Benefit Technique Classes for Earth Day

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Celebrate Earth Day this weekend with a hands-on workshop at Williams-Sonoma to benefit the Edible Schoolyard Project. If you are an avid gardener or hope to be one, this class will give you an introduction to gardening. We provide Beekman Heirloom seeds, starter pots and soil, and you’ll create five seed starts you can take home, grow and enjoy, fostering the project’s pledge to an “edible education.”


Your entire $10 class fee will be donated to the Edible Schoolyard Project, a program committed to building and sharing a food curriculum for all schools. Their mission: to provide every student with a free nutritious lunch and interactive experiences in the classroom, kitchen, and garden, transforming the health and values of children in America. Contact your local store for event times. Space is limited, so call your local store to reserve your spot today!


Keep reading to see a sample of what you’ll learn in the class, including tips from gardening experts, the Beekman Boys.


ZONES: Understanding your “hardiness zone” number will help you learn which plants will do well in your region and where to plant them.


SEED STARTING: Find out what tools and supplies you need to start seeds indoors, from containers to seed starting mix, and use our step-by-step guide as a resource.


PLANT REQUIREMENTS: Many factors come into play to determine whether or not a plant will perform well for you. This information will help you plan where you will be placing specific plants, as well as what plants can be planted together, heeding factors such as light, temperature, water and pH.


SUCCESSIVE PLANTING: Stretch your harvest period so you continue to have fresh, home-grown vegetables throughout the year — we offer four different methods .


HELPING HANDS: Getting children involved in gardening not only engages them but makes them aware of where their food comes from.  Plus, they can play in the dirt! Learn some easy ways to include the little ones in a safe way.


ADVICE FROM THE BEEKMAN BOYS: Josh and Brent, better known as the Beekman Boys, started growing tomatoes, peppers, salads and herbs on their rooftop in NYC — and now look at them! The expert gardeners share some of their best growing tips with customers.

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