Best of the Web: Easter Eggs

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Best of the Web: Easter Eggs

Ready to decorate eggs and celebrate Easter? From sparkles to tie-dye and funny faces, here are some of the most creative tutorials and DIYs we’ve seen from bloggers this year. Get inspired, and read on for some of our best decorating tips!


EggheadsEggheads from Sweet Paul Magazine
This no-dye project makes some of the cutest Easter eggs we’ve seen. Download the free printables to cut out crowns and bunny ears, then draw on the sweet faces yourself.
Watermelon Easter EggsWatermelon Easter Eggs from Damask Love
Here’s a creative way to dress up plastic eggs: Pair pink egg tops with green bottoms, and use a sharpie to draw on seeds. Pile several watermelons in a single basket to make a patch.
DIY Gold Leaf Easter EggsDIY Gold Leaf Easter Eggs from Lovely Indeed
Apply gold leaf to plain white eggs, and you’ll have these pretty eggs, with textured layers and gilded patterns.
DIY Pineapple Easter EggsDIY Pineapple Easter Eggs from Studio DIY
How could we resist these cheerful decorations with our signature Williams-Sonoma pineapple? (We wouldn’t change a thing, but you could paint the eggs red and make strawberries, too.)
Shaving Cream & Food Coloring Easter EggsShaving Cream & Food Coloring Easter Eggs from Blissful Roots
That’s right — shaving cream! Put your household essentials to good use to make these colorful tie-dyed eggs.
Silver and Gold Easter EggsSilver and Gold Easter Eggs from The 36th Avenue
For an eye-catching design, cover eggs with thumbtacks and fasteners. We love the scaly dragon egg look.
DIY Nail Polish Easter EggsDIY Nail Polish Easter Eggs from Little Inspiration
Let your favorite nail polish color double as egg dye. These artistic eggs are beautifully embellished but take no time at all to make.
Baking Soda Easter EggsBaking Soda Easter Eggs from Mess for Less
Combine baking soda, powdered paint and vinegar, and the mixture will bubble up over eggs, creating a textured, speckled design. Kids will love it!
Glitter Easter EggsGlitter Easter Eggs from Girl Inspired
Skip the dye and let the natural shades of fresh brown, white and turquoise eggs shine through. This project uses glitter to add a touch of sparkle.
Rubber Band Dyed Easter EggsRubber Band Dyed Easter Eggs from Home-ology
Wrapping eggs in rubber bands of different widths creates fun, modern stripes. We love the vibrant colors!


Top images from Girl Inspired, Damask Love, Sweet Paul Magazine, Blissful Roots, Lovely Indeed, Home-ology, Studio DIY, Mess for Less, and The 36th Avenue.

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