3 Ways to Celebrate National Cheese Day

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Here at Williams Sonoma headquarters, we try to make every day special—and sometimes that means celebrating completely random (and, let’s admit it, absurd) food holidays. Today, for instance, happens to be National Cheese Day, and we intend to take full advantage of the momentous occasion by paying culinary homage to all things fromage. Here are three ways we encourage last-minute celebration.


1. Eat cheese for dinner—as the main course.

Summer months don’t just imply a glut of garden fruits and vegetables; it’s also peak time for certain cheeses, too. Make a light and easy summer meal out of a selection of flavorful, in-season cheeses, a big green salad and a crisp white wine. See a few of our summer cheese recommendations here.

2. Make your next batch of burgers with cheese in the middle.

Cheeseburgers are good, but guess what? Cheese-STUFFED burgers are even better. Here’s advice on how to make one—affectionately dubbed a Juicy Lucy—straight from Williams Sonoma Culinary Director Amanda Haas.


3. Eat cheese as the French do.

Enjoy cheese the French way: Instead of serving it as an appetizer, offer it as a punctuation at the end of a long meal, just before dessert and coffee. See more tips for serving cheese properly, including at the proper temperature.




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