Discover Cook It Raw with Williams-Sonoma

Behind the Scenes, Chefs, Meet

Discover Cook It Raw with Williams-Sonoma!

We are honored and excited to be partnering with Cook It Raw, a community of acclaimed chefs and artisanal food producers who gather every year to explore local cuisine from a global perspective. These avant-garde chefs create unique dining experiences that explore and question social, culture and environmental issues, creating some of the most interesting conversations around food that are happening today. And this week, we’ll be hosting the discussion!


On Friday, October 25th, we’re welcoming some very special guests into our Charleston, South Carolina store: chefs Albert Adria, Sean Brock and Ben Shewry, along with Cook It Raw founder Alessandro Porcelli. Guests will join the chefs for a panel discussion and Q&A about food and cooking, and a book signing of the Cook It Raw cookbook.


Discover Cook It Raw with Williams-Sonoma!

The team will be in town for its first ever public event on Saturday, October 26th, called Barbecue Perspectives. It brings together more than 40 local and internationally recognized chefs — including Sean Brock, April Bloomfield and Dan Barber — to celebrate regional Lowcountry barbecue, with each chef preparing their own interpretations of the cuisine. They will focus on regional ingredients such as rice, fish, game meats and the bounty of the local harvest.


Stay tuned for more news and insights from the Cook It Raw community as we gear up for the weekend’s events! Learn more about Cook It Raw on the organization’s website and in the video below.



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