Feed Your Feed: Healthy Chef Dan Churchill’s Top 5 Instagrammers to Follow

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Hey friends! Today I’m sharing the love by showing you five of my favorite people and organizations to follow on Instagram. All my readers show me so much love on this platform and I’m honored to be able to give some of that love back to the ones I follow and admire most.


 @danielricciardo: Daniel is a Formula 1 Driver from AUS… He’s an Aussie sports star but has amazing humor, and in the world of Instagram he is so humble and puts so much humility into what he does. He also travels a lot so it’s great to see what new destinations he heads to!


@cityharvestnyc: City Harvest is a charity I’ve been honored to work with here in NYC for about a year now. They’re a wonderful organization with a great mission: feeding NYC’s hungry families. They do this through a series of food rescue operations all over the greater NYC area, and I love being involved in their efforts.


@jeremyjauncey: Jeremy is the Founder and CEO of @beautifuldestinations and is a World Wildlife Fund ambassador. His destination photos are second to none, and always give me an epic sense of wanderlust and happiness when I look at them.


@doctors_kitchen: This page run by Dr. Rupy Aujla is dedicated to the idea of food as medicine. Dr. Aujla captures the most colorful, epic bites imaginable and always makes me jealous of what he’s eating!

@halfbakedharvest: Tieghan Gerard is the food styling queen, and everything she makes causes my mouth to water! I think it’s great to follow and support your fellow bloggers and chefs, not only to get inspiration from them, but to support all the hard work they’re doing in putting out (often free) content to you and I. Tieghan is a superstar in what she does, and if you’re looking for holiday recipe inspiration, she is the one for the job.


Bonus: @charleyst 😉


Dan Churchill is the Executive Chef at Charley St. Café in New York City, host of his Feast With Friends show – and he’s constantly creating recipes for his YouTube and Instagram followers. Dan also knows the importance of food, fitness and a healthy lifestyle. In addition to being an avid surfer who recently completed a marathon, he was the personal chef for skier Lindsey Vonn during the 2018 Olympics. 

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