How to Make a Tagine with Chef Mourad Lahlou

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Tagines, savory one-pot dishes braised in vessels of the same name, are everyday fare in Morocco. The conical shape of tagines helps circulate the heat inside the vessel, ensuring even cooking times for all of the ingredients (meat or poultry, spices, vegetables and liquid).


To learn exactly how to make an authentic tagine, we turned to Chef Mourad Lahlou. As the chef and founder of San Francisco’s Aziza restaurant, he’s famous for his modern interpretations of classic Moroccan cuisine (he’s even earned a Michelin star!). Watch as he makes a chicken tagine with caramelized onions, olives and preserved lemons in the Aziza kitchen.

Learn more about the ingredients and techniques of Moroccan cooking.

14 comments about “How to Make a Tagine with Chef Mourad Lahlou

  1. Lydia

    What is lemon preserves (besides being preserved sections of lemon, which is information I can glean from the name)? Is it something I can pick up at a local grocery store? Chef Lahlou mentions that it is salty, so it isn’t a marmalade…

        1. Linda

          Well the link to the Williams Sonoma chicken tagine is broken as well. Correct your link above or remove it please. Misleading.

  2. B Calbert

    Is there a recipe that correspondes with this video (How to Make a Tagine with Chef Mourad Lahlou)? The dish looks great! Chef Lahlou stated you should always use a diffuser when placing the tagine on an open flame but it seems that he did not use the diffuser when the tagine was placed on the open flame the second time. Was that because the tagine had been in the oven? Also, does the tagine have to be cured in some manner prior to use?

  3. Olivia Ware

    Hi B, the recipe can be found in Chef Lahlou’s cookbook, Mourad: New Moroccan:

    However, we do have a similar one on our site:

    And here is a recipe for a vegetable tagine created by Chef Lahlou:

    As for the diffuser, yes, you should always use a diffuser when placing the tagine on an open flame — both before and after it goes in the oven. You will need to season your tagine before using. Soak in water for 24 hours. Coat the interior with olive oil and place in a cold oven. Set oven temperature to 225º F and leave for 1 1/2 hours. Remove from oven and allow to cool. Once cooled wash with warm soapy water and towel dry.

    1. alicat

      Thank you, Olivia, for answering the great questions above! One more for you: does the tagine need to be seasoned prior to each use, or just before the first use? Thank you again!

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  5. Dr Ruth Morelli

    I have an induction cooktop which won’t work with a tagine, I am told. Can i use a traditional tagine recipe but put it in the oven? What are the moisture requirements for cooking in an oven?

  6. Joanie

    What about using a La Creuset tagine? It doesn’t require a diffuser, can be used on any type of stove and at higher oven temps, no?


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