A 3-Ingredient Jam Tutorial—No Pectin Required!

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Have you ever wanted to make your own jam at home, but worried it’s too complicated? We’re here to tell you that you can actually make jam at home with just three ingredients: fresh fruit, sugar and lemon juice.


In the video below, Williams Sonoma Culinary Director Amanda Haas walks through an easy, three-ingredient jam, and covers some preserving basics. Learn why sugar does more than sweeten jam, a cool trick for testing whether your jam’s ready, and the secret ingredient that adds structure to your jam (no, it’s not pectin!).



Get the Strawberry and Cherry Jam recipe shown in the video above, and for more kitchen hacks, cooking tips and recipes, subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

3 comments about “A 3-Ingredient Jam Tutorial—No Pectin Required!

  1. Margo Bullwinkle

    The video recipe is different from the recipe listed. What is the measurements for the strawberries & cherries?

    Also, will measurements be different if I use a raw, natural sugar rather then the refined white sugar?


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