Try This Hack & Make a Tomato Salad in 20 Seconds

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If you’re looking forward to a season jam-packed with activities from outdoor sports to music festivals to grillouts and more, you’re going to need a go-to dish of the season—something that’s fast, easy, healthy, transportable and (of course) delicious. Enter our 20-Second Tomato Salad.


You’ll only need four ingredients for this super-speedy dish: cherry or grape tomatoes (which are at their sweetest this time of year!), mini fresh mozzarella balls, fresh basil and olive oil, plus salt and pepper. What makes it come together so quickly? Grab a knife and a couple of plastic lids (hint, hint), then watch the video below to find out.


See our video on how to make a summer tomato salad in less than 30 seconds:


If an actual recipe is more up your alley, check out this trusty one for a Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil Salad, and for more kitchen hacks, cooking tips and recipes, subscribe to our YouTube Channel.


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