I Heart Grilled Cheese

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This post comes courtesy of Bianca Richardson and Mia Croft, members of Williams-Sonoma’s Creative Services team. 


“What’s for lunch” is often a water cooler conversation for us on the Williams-Sonoma Creative Services Team. “Did you bring your lunch today?” “Where are you going to grab lunch?” Needless to say, quite a bit of food talk happens.


What ends up developing is what we like to call food collaboration. It makes sense: since we collaborate creatively for work on a daily basis, why not on our lunches?


With our talks, we started learning that there’s not one single proper way to make any given dish. For example, take the always comforting grilled cheese — there are a million different ways you can prepare this lunchtime classic! Bread, cheese and butter, along with a little creativity, go a long way.


We decided to create our own Grilled Cheese Bar during lunch. We were each responsible for bringing in our favorite ingredients for making a grilled cheese — and the varieties turned out fantastic! We had classic cheddar, creamy havarti, a mild Gruyère/white cheddar mix and delicious mozzarella. And for toppings — basil, tomato, roasted red pepper and even mango salsa. All ingredients were sandwiched together with a choice of breads — sourdough, buttermilk, brioche and even a gluten-free option.


The group’s favorite combination was, of course, the classic — cheddar cheese only. But many of us enjoyed our grilled cheese with tomato and basil; some even drizzled a bit of truffle balsamic vinegar on theirs.


It was truly a cheese-filled celebration. This idea would be perfect for your next party or a quiet night at home — easy, fun and a great way to expand your repertoire with different flavors. It will leave you full but also satisfied.


About the authors: Bianca and Mia are part of the Williams-Sonoma Creative Services team. They love to design, bake, cook, plan parties and help save the world in their spare time.

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