Ideas for Christmas Leftovers


Holiday leftovers are almost as anticipated as the celebratory meal itself. We’ve gathered some of our favorite recipes showcasing Christmas favorites — crab, turkey, roasts and seasonal vegetables — in new, lighter dishes perfect for post-holiday eating. Enjoy!


Crab: With Dungeness crab season in full swing, there’s no shortage of ways to use this specialty in the kitchen. A classic bisque is hearty and comforting on a cold day, and leftover cooked crabmeat is perfect for forming into sweet, plump crab cakes. Serve them over a bed of lettuce with a drizzle of lemony vinaigrette.


Turkey: If turkey is the center of your Christmas meal, you can’t go wrong with a traditional day-after-Thanksgiving-style sandwich. For something more creative, try this Turkey Tetrazzini, a retro casserole that easily feeds a crowd.


Meat: Ham and beef roasts star in many holiday meals, and the leftover meat is a great addition to salads and sandwiches. Use our steak and arugula salad and this croque madame-style panini for inspiration.


Broccoli Rabe: Pleasantly bitter winter greens make delicious vegetable sides for special meals, but they can become part of the main course the following day. Top on a pizza with sausage, cheese and chili flakes, or create a crostini appetizer to snack on.


Green Beans: These holiday staples are endlessly versatile, but we love them in this updated casserole or tossed with penne, potatoes and pesto for a quick and hearty pasta.


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  2. Bob

    After Thanksgiving this year, I used some leftover turkey to make turkey gyros, which I thought turned out really well.

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