Ingredient Spotlight: Green Onions

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Ingredient Spotlight: Green Onions

Green onions can lend their characteristic crunch and color to all kinds of dishes — seafood, pizza, noodles, tarts and soups, to name a few — which makes them a versatile ingredient to have on hand. Also known as scallions, they are the immature shoots of bulb onions, with a much milder flavor that doesn’t overwhelm. Both their narrow white stems and long, flat green leaves can be used in recipes, each contributing a slightly different texture and bite.  Read on for more tips for working with green onions, plus recipes to try them in!


Look for: The tops of green onions should be vibrant green in color. They should look fresh and feel firm, not wilted or slimy. The bulb ends should be white. Avoid dried roots or bruised, wet bulbs. Store green onions in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.


Prep Tips: Rinse the green onions thoroughly to remove any sand or grit from the layers. Trim off the root ends and green tops from the onions. Using your fingers, peel off the outer layer of the bulb. Plan to use green onions as soon as they are cut; they will quickly begin to oxidize and lose their flavor.


Uses: The milder bite of green onions works well in dishes where raw onion would be too strong, such as scrambled eggs or omelets, sandwich fillings or savory salads. In Asia, the bright green leaves are used to garnish soups and dipping sauces.




Breakfast Skillet with Green Onion Home FriesBreakfast Skillet with Green Onion Home Fries
Crispy home fries get a pop of bright flavor when sauteed with thinly sliced green onions. The potatoes make a wonderful side to this hearty egg dish for a casual brunch.
Roasted Sweet Potato Salad with Pecans and Green OnionsRoasted Sweet Potato Salad with Pecans and Green Onions
This colorful roasted root vegetable salad is delicious as a light meal or alongside roasted meats. Minced green onions contrast the sweet potatoes and earthy kale to perfection.
Mushroom, Bell Pepper and Green Onion PizzaMushroom, Bell Pepper and Green Onion Pizza
You won’t miss the meat with this pizza, which gets its satisfying depth of flavor from sautéed cremini mushrooms. The green onions are sprinkled over the top of the cooked pizza for a crunchy garnish.
Sea Bass with Ginger and Green OnionsSea Bass with Ginger and Green Onions
Green onions pair particularly well with other Asian ingredients. Here, ginger, soy sauce and sesame oil make a bold sauce for sea bass — a bed of rice soaks up the flavors.
Breaded Chicken with Lemon-Green Onion TahiniBreaded Chicken with Lemon-Green Onion Tahini
This recipe is a great way to breathe new life into predictable chicken breasts. Here, the crisp chicken sits on baby spinach and is drizzled with a rich tahini sauce, spiced with lemon and green onions.
Pork Loin Chops with Romesco Sauce and Grilled OnionsPork Loin Chops with Romesco Sauce and Grilled Onions
Grilling green onions results in slightly wilted, tender and charred leaves, with a delicious balance of caramelization and raw onion bite. Served with pork chops and smoky romesco sauce, they make a winning dinner.
Green Onion PancakesGreen Onion Pancakes
With an intriguing taste of spicy Asian flavors, these savory little pancakes are great for a cocktail party.


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