Introducing Our Outdoor Entertaining Guide!

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Introducing Our Outdoor Entertaining Guide!

Summer is around the corner — time for cookouts, barbecues and alfresco dinners! Our Outdoor Entertaining Guide has everything you need to make the most of warm, leisurely days under the sun. Here’s what you’ll find.


Party IdeasWe have menus and tips for every kind of outdoor get-together, from elegant dinners on the patio to backyard bashes. Our Spicy Cookout turns up the heat with chile-infused cocktails and dishes with kick, while our Summer Seafood Fest celebrates warm-weather favorites like classic lobster rolls. From taco parties to pizza parties, we’ve got you covered.


TechniquesLearn the essentials of grilling success, from working with gas and charcoal to mastering the most important methods. We’ll also show you how to grill all of the summer staples: burgers, steaks, vegetables, seafood and more.


Recipes: Get inspired with our best recipes for every part of your summer menus — grilled mains, sides, sauces and desserts. Mix and match your favorites to create your own perfect celebration!

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