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Joe Cross’ story has inspired people to change their lives. Overweight and frustrated, Joe took control of his health by incorporating fresh fruit and vegetable juices into his diet, ultimately losing the weight and achieving a balanced lifestyle. Since then, he’s founded Reboot Your Life to help others do the same. Here, we ask Joe how juicing worked for him, his best tips, and how to get started.


How has juicing changed your life?

In 2011, I released Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, a film that documents my personal journey to regain my health. When I made the film, I literally was fat, sick and nearly dead. I was 100 pounds overweight. I had a debilitating autoimmune disease and was taking loads of prescription medications. When the world’s best doctors couldn’t find a magic “fix,” I knew I had to drastically change my lifestyle. By eating and drinking more fruits and vegetables, I successfully lost the weight and got myself off all prescription drugs. I also developed a passion and appreciation for how delicious fruits and vegetables are.


What’s so powerful about fruits and vegetables?

Well, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can decrease the risk for things like cancers, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and mental illness. Fruits and vegetables have also been credited with alleviating the day-to-day effects of painful, chronic conditions such as constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and migraines. Each color family is rich in unique and important micronutrients that help protect our immune systems and keep our bodies strong, so it’s key to vary your fruits and veggies. That’s why I say eat a rainbow every day.


How else has your health improved since you started juicing?

Number one: if you start juicing and eating more fruits and vegetables, you’re going to think more clearly. You’re going to have less headaches and more energy. Your joints will work better. The powers of these fruits and vegetables are so anti-inflammatory; I’m testament to that. I used to have trouble getting out of bed in the morning because I’d be aching and sore, but now I jump out and can’t wait to attack the day. In terms of sleep, I’ve never slept better. It worked for keeping the weight off as well.


At the moment, Americans are only receiving 5% of their caloric intake from fruits and vegetables. It’s not enough. Ask any doctor, and they’ll all tell you to eat more fruits and vegetables. That’s what my message is all about.


Juicing offers us many health benefits, including a faster, more efficient way to absorb immune-boosting nutrients naturally found in fruits and vegetables.  It also provides a way to access digestive enzymes typically locked away in the fiber matrix of whole fruits and vegetables. Most commercial juices are pasteurized and processed, and lacking in nutrition compared to freshly juiced fruits and vegetables. And here’s the (other) best part: Juicing is delicious and just as creative as baking or learning a new kind of cuisine.


Is there a benefit to juicing versus eating fruits and vegetables whole? 

Liquid form is easily absorbed through our digestion. When you eat fruits and vegetables, that’s good for you, but it takes a little bit of energy to digest them. When you put it down in a liquid form, it’s rapidly aborbed straight through your system to give you a powerful boost.


How should people incorporate juice into their regular routine?

Some people juice to supplement their diets and others choose to just juice for a period of time. Whichever one you pick, trust me that you will be able to delight your palate and develop a love of fruits and veggies that you didn’t think was possible. Here are some more practical tips for juicing:

  • Select fruits or vegetables you’ll be using for your juice.
  • Wash thoroughly.
  • Cut or tear produce into pieces that will fit in juicer. It’s best to do all the preparation work of preparing your fruits and veggies before you start juicing.
  • Turn juicer on and start juicing! Your juicer should be on as you feed the fruits and vegetables through the tube.
  • Each juice should be at least 250mL – 500mL.
  • If your juicer has more than one speed, don’t forget to shift down from high to low for softer fruits. Most juicers come with a chart in the instruction manual to help guide you on speeds.
  • Hard produce like apples or beetroot are processed on high and soft ones like spinach or cabbage are processed on low.


26 comments about “Joe Cross of Reboot Your Life on Juicing for Weight Loss

  1. Denise

    I’d like to start with juicing for a cleanse and then move onto making veggie/fruit smoothies to incorporate more fiber and whole foods into my diet once I’m finished with the cleanse… is there a juicer/blender that does both? I really don’t want to have to buy both.

  2. Victoria

    Denise, you can make juice by using a high powered blender like a VitaMix and then straining the mixture through a nut milk bag. Many natural/health food stores carry nut milk bags. Hope this helps.

  3. Shirley

    I have the VitaMix and blend my veggies and fruits. What are you are staining because its all liquid when done. Should we not be drinking the fiber? Asking because I am new at this and want to get it right ie not gain weight by juicing.

  4. Kate

    An inspiring read! I am waiting for my juicer to arrive as we speak… I can’t wait to get started!

  5. PnJ

    I started my Juicing on Jan 2, 2013. Today (Jan 8), I’m down 11 lbs from 255 to 244. This works and I feel great. Blood pressure is also down. I also purchased a FitBit to keep track of my daily steps, calories , etc. I work out 1 hour each day, burn around 640 cal during my work out. My step count in 24 hours is around 13,000.

    Go for it!

  6. gerri

    I want to start juicing also…can anyone respond that is willing to help me? PNJ you sound like its going well and Im the weight you were at Jan 2.

  7. becky

    I started juicing with the Hurom jucier about a yr ago. I lost 17 pounds and feel great. When I haven’t seen someone for a little while they ask what have I been doing. They mention my skin and hair. I applaud juicing.

  8. PnJ

    Make sure you have your Dr. approval

    1. Netflix has the video on Joe Cross. You need to watch his story.
    2. Go to this web site.
    3. Purchase a FitBit. ($99.00) this will push you to exercise.
    4. Clean the refer out.
    5. Go have your favorite meal.
    6. Purchase a juicer
    7. Go buy the fruit and veg from the receipts from the website
    8. Weight each day and chart your weight
    9. You can do it!

    1. Carol

      joe cross and his story are awesome. Juicing is great too. Just bothers me how much breville is paying him. It’s no longer a genuine pitch about a lifestyle.

  9. Q&A with Juicing Expert Joe Cross

    1. Angie

      Fitbit has a new device coming out, the Flex. Check it out. I currently have a Fitbit and really like it, but will probably be getting the Flex as well. I like the option of being able to easily wear something on my wrist as opposed to clipping it or putting it in my pocket like the Fitbit.

      I’m getting a new Horum next week and can’t wait!

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  12. Joe Crest

    Love Joe’s message. Just not his juicer. Took my Breville back to Sonoma and got an Omega VRT from another store. WS, please wake up and get an Omega in stock so I can send my friends to you. You have similar machines, but they have no warranty and reviews are not as good as Omega. Joe, keep spreading the message.

  13. Farid

    I just started doing this juicing thingy. I share the same concern as the previous person who commented about the fibre. Do we need to ingest the fibre as well, or do we just take the juice only?

    I want to get my ideal weight and cure my diabetes type 2. See if this could also help with my overall fitness as well.

  14. Sharon Ansbaugh

    I would also like the answer re: fiber. Isn’t it OK to drink the whole thing?

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  22. karin alsbury

    I’m not a big juice drinker….would much rather have a smoothie every day. It seems that this would be just as good because I am drinking the whole veggie or fruit….leaves and all? I need to know the answer to this because I’m committed to doing this diet for weight loss.


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