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This post comes to us courtesy of food blogger Margie Tsai.


Last year, I took my mother to Solvang for her first Mother’s Day brunch in California. Solvang is a quaint city near Santa Barbara founded by a group of Danish settlers looking to get away from the cold Midwest winters. The city reflects traditional Danish styles in its architecture, bakeries, restaurants, and merchants. At the Solvang Restaurant, we had their famous ebelskiver, topped with powdered sugar and olallieberry preserves on the side. I was hooked.


Æbleskiver (in its singular form: æbleskive) are traditional, spherical Danish pancakes. You’ll see it spelled in English as aebleskiver, ebleskiver, ebelskiver, etc. They have a pancake-like exterior with a lighter, fluffier interior.


I picked up the Nordic Ware Ebelskiver Filled-Pancake Pan soon after. For the batter, you can purchase the Ebelskiver Pancake Mix or follow a traditional recipe for jam-filled pancakes. Since I often find myself short on time with hungry family members, a batch of pancake mix usually does the trick.


Using the pan is pretty simple. The nonstick coating prevents the pancakes from sticking to the cooking surface. However, I usually spray the wells with a little non-stick cooking spray to ensure an easier release.


Heat the pan on medium heat. Anything higher and you’ll start to scorch the ebelskiver. The riveted cast-stainless-steel handle stays cool to the touch. If you’re making plain ebelskiver, fill each well about two-thirds full. Using barbecue skewers or turning tools, rotate the pancakes until golden and crispy.


There are two main ways to add filling to the ebelskiver: you can add the filling on the stovetop, or by using a pastry bag after cooking. On the stovetop, fill the well about half full, add your filling and top with a little extra batter. Using a pastry bag, you pierce one side of the pancake and pipe the filling into the center.


I’ve tried a lot of different fillings. My go-to favorites are nutella and homemade apple butter, made by a good friend. This year for Mother’s Day I made a batch with lemon-mascarpone filling. What are your favorite fillings for the ebelskiver? Tell us in the comments!


See more filled pancake recipes here. 


About the author: Being an engineer at heart, Margie Tsai has developed a passion for kitchen gadgets. Over the years, she has amassed quite a collection and is always on the lookout for new kitchen Tools, Electrics, Cookware or “kitchenTECH”. Margie hopes that someday she will have a gourmet kitchen large enough to house all of her kitchenTECH.

4 comments about “KitchenTECH: Nordic Ware Ebelskiver Filled-Pancake Pan

  1. Keeley @ My Life on a Plate

    I bought this pan for Mother’s Day brunch! We used the recipe that came on the pan and we loved the light texture… they were almost custardy inside. I filled them with homemade preserves (canned last fall): Apple Pie in a Jar and Peach Preserves. We topped ours with powdered sugar and everyone loved them!

  2. Laurielulu

    Ohhhohoho! L-O-V-E ebelskiver!!! I play all the time. Cornbread is a favorite batter with different fillings such as cheese or stir ins like cream corn or chilis. Classics. I have used the Trader Joes pumpkin mix and then made a cream cheesy center. Yummy for fall. I have also enjoyed blue cheese and bacon centers. I love making them an appetizer or savory snack! I also use a super egg white fluffy waffle batter and change up flavors too. Soooo endless.

  3. Laurielulu

    Darn, I forgot to mention, I need a great gift for family in Morocco. She’s an amazing cook and I’m sending this pan as a gift. I can’t wait to see her spin on these!

  4. Danishgirl

    Great to read your comments on one of my favorite cakes. I got ideas for fillings that I have never thought of. In Denmark we put pieces of apples (æble means apple) inside or nothing at all. In my region of Denmark we put pieces of prunes that have been boiled with a bit of water. We do not fill them afterwards but do it in the process of baking, I’ve got to try the nutalla-filled æbleskiver. Sounds great!


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