Party Planner: Healthy Weekend Brunch

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Party Planner: Healthy Weekend Brunch

A weekend brunch with friends doesn’t have to include Eggs Benedicts and mimosas. As we start 2014 off on a healthy note, we’ve looked for ways to make entertaining both fun for you and good for your body. This brunch menu is full of delicious superfoods, and it’s a great excuse to gather your friends together. Bonus points if you squeeze in a group run or yoga class first!




Start the meal with a creative spin on an elegant wine flight: a juice flight! Use your juicer to create three flavors of nutritious, fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Our carrot and apple juice with ginger is sweet with a kick of spice, while our beet-orange juice has a beautiful bright color and flavor (and plenty of Vitamin C). Finally, this green apple, kiwi and kale juice is as green as it gets — and surprisingly tasty.


For the main event, serve our poached salmon over greens with caper vinaigrette, a heart-healthy entree that doesn’t skimp on flavor. Poaching allows you to cook the salmon in simmering water at a low temperature, so it’s hard to overcook, and our tangy vinaigrette is the perfect counterpoint to the salmon’s richness. Pair the salmon with a mix of farro, winter vegetables and watercress — the hearty whole grains are guaranteed to keep you satisfied. On the side, a blood orange salad with shaved fennel has the perfect balance of fruity, nutty and refreshing flavors.


Party Planner: Healthy Weekend Brunch

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  • 1 to 2 days ahead: Cook the farro and roast the vegetables for the side dish. Refrigerate separately in covered containers. Toast the hazelnuts for the salad.
  • Day of: Make the vinaigrettes for the salmon and the salad. Finish the farro (it can be served at room temperature).
  • Just before serving: Poach the salmon. Finish the salad. Make the juices.


Party Planner: Healthy Weekend BrunchHave fun with your juice flight! Make each juice and pour a taste of each into small tumbler glasses. Line up the glasses, taste, and compare; pick your favorites, then come up with your own creative combinations to try.


This is also a great gathering to host potluck-style. Ask one friend to bring the salad, one to bring the side, and another to bring extra produce for your juicing extravaganza — you handle the main course.


Don’t worry about a formal table setting for this kind of casual brunch. Set a casual table in the kitchen for the food, and encourage your friends to hang out in the kitchen for the juicing; it will help them get involved! Go ahead and assign tasks, too — one person can prep the produce while another makes the juices. The more hands-on the brunch, the more fun it will be.



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