Party Planner: Thanksgiving Made Easy

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Party Planner: Thanksgiving Made Easy

It’s a meal so memorable that we wait for it all year long. This Thanksgiving, ensure your feast is simple and spectacular with a menu that makes use of smart shortcuts. From a pumpkin bisque soup starter to pecan pie filling in a jar, we’ve got everything you need to prepare an easy—and delicious—holiday feast.




Start your meal with a pumpkin bisque, the ultimate in fall comforts. The dish comes together in minutes with the help of our starter, showcasing flavors or fresh pumpkin, caramelized onions, fragrant ginger and warm spices.


Party Planner: Thanksgiving Made Easy

For the main event, prepare our roast dry-brined turkey, which gets a double-dose of flavor: first, it’s rubbed with a dry brine before cooking and then brushed with our maple-bourbon glaze as it roasts. And you won’t have to stress about making gravy with this recipe, using our foolproof base. On the side, offer stuffings to please everyone. Our focaccia stuffing starts with our savory mix but gets extra crunch and complexity from roasted chestnuts, bacon and chunks of sweet apple. We also have a gluten-free focaccia stuffing, with fresh and dried mushrooms, fennel and leeks.


Add more vegetables to the buffet with this beet and turnip gratin, which features seasonal root vegetables in a creative presentation. Sprinkle toasted almonds over simply blanched green beans for a fresh dish, and give your mashed potatoes an extra kick of flavor with our special seasoning blend. It’s never been easier to bake classic Parker House rolls with this mix; served warm from the oven, they are irresistible.


For the finale to your feast, bake pies that celebrate the iconic flavors of fall. Both this pecan pie and pecan pumpkin butter pie are snaps to prepare with our delicious fillings (they’re both customer favorites).


Party Planner: Thanksgiving Made Easy


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  • Party Planner: Thanksgiving Made Easy1 to 2 days ahead: Brine the turkey. Assemble the gratin, cover and refrigerate. Blanch the green beans, cover tightly and refrigerate. Bake the pies; leave the pecan pie at room temperature and cover and refrigerate the pecan pumpkin butter pie overnight.
  • Day of: Bring the turkey to room temperature and roast according to your meal schedule. Cook the vegetables for the stuffing. Mix the Parker House rolls and let rise.
  • Before serving: Let the pecan pumpkin butter pie come to room temperature. Make the soup and gravy and finish the stuffings and potatoes. Bake the gratin and the rolls. Finish and reheat the green beans.


Even when you’re using time-savers, you can add extra touches to each dish to make it feel personal and special. Tuck sprigs of thyme into the Parker House rolls, and garnish the soup with sage leaves. Use harvest-themed cutters to make decorative patterns to top pies.


A buffet can be beautiful and homey with the right dishes. Choose pieces you can bake and serve your sides in, such as this Le Creuset gratin or our Emile Henry artisan pie dish.


Splashes of fall foliage add intimate, natural charm to the table. Decorate with branches of crimson berries, autumn leaves and sprigs of fresh herbs. Bring in the colors of the season, too, with vibrant orange dinnerware and a warm-hued table runner.


Party Planner: Thanksgiving Made Easy

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  1. Barbara R. Riso

    How far in advance can I make your published Gluten-free Spoon Bread with Blackberry Farm cornmeal or do I have to freeze it? (How do I reheat?)
    How far in advance can I make your “Sweet Potato Mash”? How do I warm it?

    1. Williams-Sonoma Post author

      Hi Barbara, we would not recommend making this recipe too far ahead. Since it calls for folding whipped egg whites into the batter, the batter may lose volume and fluffiness if it sits for too long before baking. As for the sweet potato mash, you could make it earlier in the day and keep it warm on the stovetop or in a slow cooker.

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  3. justine

    I just make your sweet potato and leek custard for thanksgiving. Should I bake now or wait until Thursday? Thanks


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