Recipe Roundup: Berries for Breakfast

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Recipe Roundup: Berries for Breakfast

April is the perfect time to begin your day with berries — no matter how busy you are. Whether they’re part of a weekend brunch (like the gorgeous sweet cheese-stuffed blintzes above) or a quick bite before work, spring berries need little adornment for delicious flavor. Here are some of our favorite ways to savor these gems in muffins, pancakes and more.


Almond-Crusted French Toast with BerriesAlmond-Crusted French Toast with Berries
Crunchy almonds, fresh raspberries and fragrant orange zest bring this classic breakfast dish to a whole new level. Once you make French toast with challah, you’ll never go back.
Buckwheat-Blueberry PancakesBuckwheat-Blueberry Pancakes
Here, buckwheat flour lends nutty flavor and whole-grain goodness to a classic pancake recipe, while tart-sweet blueberries create bursts of fruit flavor.
Whole-Wheat Farina with Berry SwirlWhole-Wheat Farina with Berry Swirl
A bright berry sauce swirled into creamy whole-wheat cereal is a sublime alternative to oatmeal. Serve with a splash of milk and a sprinkle of raw cane sugar.
Blackberry MuffinsBlackberry Muffins
Any spring or summer berry—blackberries, blueberries and raspberries—works beautifully in this recipe. These moist, flavorful muffins are bound to become family favorites (just check out the reviews)!
Buttermilk Waffles with French Strawberry JamButtermilk Waffles with French Strawberry Jam
A simple French-style jam made with fresh strawberries and infused with vanilla bean is the perfect accompaniment to our buttermilk waffles. You can make the jam a day ahead to cut down on prep time.
Irish Porridge with Strawberries & CreamIrish Porridge with Strawberries & Cream
This recipe calls for steel-cut oats, which have a nutty flavor and chewy texture, and is much more nutritious than the instant variety. They take a little extra time to cook, but they’re well worth the effort.
Raspberry-Filled PancakesRaspberry-Filled Pancakes
A bright filling of fresh raspberries transforms these pancakes into a special dish for a weekend brunch. Serve warm, topped with maple syrup and whipped cream.
Granola with Greek Yogurt, Blueberries and Rosemary HoneyGranola with Greek Yogurt, Blueberries and Rosemary Honey
Rolled oats combined with sesame oil and maple syrup bake into a crisp, crunchy granola in this recipe, while juicy blueberries offer a refreshing contrast.
Crepes with Berries and RicottaCrepes with Berries and Ricotta
These crepes are worthy of a special occasion (ahem, Mother’s Day)! Prepare the batter ahead of time, and they come together in a flash.

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