Recipes for Your Weekend Table

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Relaxing weekends are the perfect times to gather friends and family for home-cooked meals. We’ve gathered some of our favorite recipes of the season to inspire your menus, from a lively Friday evening to a cozy, comforting Sunday night.


Friday Night Cocktail
Wind down from a busy week with a glass of Mint Ginger Ale, spiked with woodsy bourbon. With only five ingredients, this cocktail is simple to make, so don’t hesitate to invite some friends over.
And if you’re looking for some easy dinner ideas to accompany it, try one of our hearty one-pot autumn meals.
Saturday Morning Brunch
Make good use of leftover bread with a Lodge Brunch Frittata, which incorporates bread cubes that have been soaked in eggs. Savory Italian sausage and mushrooms round out this flavorful entree.
To make it a full meal, bake a batch of seasonal scones and serve with fresh cut fruit.
Sunday Night Dinner
Chicken becomes incredibly tender in this slow-cooked Vindaloo-Spiced Chicken Thighs with Coconut-Tomato Stew, created by Chef Michael Voltaggio. The dish gets a mild kick from fresh ginger and curry vindaloo powder.
Serve over steamed Jasmine rice with a side of Potato Samosas, if you like.


What are you cooking this weekend? Tell us in the comments!

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