The Moroccan Kitchen: Beghrir

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In Morocco, where our featured chef Mourad Lahlou grew up, beghrir were a mainstay of holiday celebrations and breakfasts. Beghrir are simply Moroccan pancakes, smaller than their American counterparts — and with a unique twist.


“When you cook beghrir, you just cook it on one side, and it develops these holes on the surface,” says Mourad. “When we drizzle butter and honey in them, you can pick them up and there is no dripping, because all of the butter and honey gets trapped in the little holes.”


Making beghrir is simple with a silver dollar pancake pan, as Chef Lahlou demonstrated for us in the kitchen of his restaurant Aziza. Just spritz the pan with nonstick cooking spray, pour the batter into the pan’s wells, cook until bubbles form, and lift out with an offset spatula. Drizzle with melted butter and honey and enjoy!


Traditionally, Mourad makes beghrir with a yeasted batter inspired by his mother’s recipe (she’s superstitious about beghrir). We worked with him to develop a Moroccan Pancake Mix that simplifies the process: you activate the yeast, then combine it with the mix, warm milk and sugar.


Although butter and honey are the classic toppings for beghrir, they’re also delicious served with almond paste, jam or preserves during breakfast. Savory additions work just as well — try them topped with smoked salmon and creme fraiche as an appetizer.

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