Try Recipes from Chef Thomas Keller!

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Try Recipes from Chef Thomas Keller!

When Chef Thomas Keller teamed up with All-Clad to create the new All-Clad TK Cookware Collection, he chose the perfect pan for every kitchen task. He also shared six new recipes to demonstrate exactly how each piece is ideal for the technique and dish at hand– try them all here!


Thomas Keller's Scrambled EggsThomas Keller’s Scrambled Eggs
The heat-conductive copper core of this saucier is perfect for gently cooking scrambled eggs. We guarantee you’ve never cooked eggs this way before!
Apple & Butterscotch Cobbler with Pecan StreuselApple & Butterscotch Cobbler with Pecan Streusel
This cobbler is baked right in the copper core sauce pot used to make the butterscotch sauce, which both minimizes cleanup and makes for a fun, casual presentation. The heat-responsive copper core is great for cooking caramel and sauces.
Potato RöstiPotato Rösti
Made in the stainless-steel fry/saute pan, these potatoes will become golden brown and crispy. This basic recipe can be embellished to suit your tastes by adding cooked crumbled bacon, minced onions or other ingredients of your choosing.
Braised Artichokes à la BarigouleBraised Artichokes à la Barigoule
The steady heat of this stainless-steel rondeau makes it perfect for braising. This recipe — Chef Keller’s take on a traditional Provencal favorite — is equally good served warm or at room temperature.


Crispy-Skinned Fillet of Atlantic SalmonCrispy-Skinned Fillet of Atlantic Salmon
The key to achieving crispy-skinned fish lies in the preparation and drying of the skin prior to cooking it — and to choosing a pan with even heat. This fry pan was made for the job. 
Carnaroli Rice RisottoCarnaroli Rice Risotto
Carnaroli, known as the “king of Italian rices,” has an even higher starch content than Arborio, resulting in a lush, velvety risotto. Cooking it in a copper core sauteuse, with maximum temperature control, insures it will become perfectly creamy. 


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  1. Lou White

    I am fairly sure I saw a recipe here for a whole , stand-up (ends and skins removed) roasted potatoes. I cannot find it anywhere. Can you help?


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