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This post comes courtesy of Jamie Schultz, blogger behind This Lunch Rox!


One question I’m often asked is how I get my kids to eat the different foods I pack in their lunch boxes.


I’ll admit that when we first transitioned to a healthier lifestyle, it was a bit of a challenge. My kids were so accustomed to packaged, processed, high fructose corn syrup-filled foods that introducing them to a variety of fruits and vegetables was daunting, to say the least.


A friend recommended the book Eat This, Not That for Kids, which outlines a variety of superpowers kids gain by eating various colors of fruits and vegetables. As a mama of two boys, this certainly grabbed my attention.


Each night at dinner we talked about all the superpower foods we were eating. Over time the kids kept asking for more and more superpowers (i.e., fruits and vegetables), and on any given night I was serving three or four different varieties, taking full advantage of their willingness to try these foods!


It’s been a little over a year since I first introduced this concept to the kids, and they are still excited about eating different colored fruits and veggies on a daily basis. When I found the Marvel Hero Cookie Cutter Set from Williams-Sonoma, I knew I had to have them. They are perfect for making superhero lunches that remind the kids just how important it is to eat a variety of colors throughout the day.



Here are a few other ways to make healthy eating fun:

  • Small bites! Any time I introduced a new fruit or vegetable, I cut them into bite-sized pieces and put them in a fun container (silicone cupcake molds work really well).
  • Knowledge is power. We laminated the pages from the Eat This, Not That for Kids book that outlined the various “superpowers” fruits and vegetables give you and posted them on the refrigerator. While we were eating dinner, we would ask the kids about the superpowers they were gaining with the foods on their plate.
  • Make it look like a treat. I’ve found that my kids are more likely to try foods that look fun and festive. Using cookie cutters and colorful silicone muffin cups is often enough to intrigue even the most discriminating eaters.
  • Ask for helping hands! My boys are often off playing sports and have very little interest in the kitchen, but whenever possible, I try to get them involved in preparing food. Working together gives them some ownership in the process of preparing what is being served at mealtime.

You can read more about creating fun and healthy lunches at This Lunch Rox!


About the Author: Jamie Schultz is mama to two beautiful boys who inspire her to create lunches that make healthy eating fun! You can follow her blog at http://thislunchrox.com

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