Weekend Entertaining: Backyard Fiesta

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Weekend Entertaining: Backyard Fiesta

To celebrate summer’s warm, sunny days, throw a spirited fiesta right in your own backyard! Whip up some icy margaritas and fire up the grill, then cook a meal that’s packed with lively flavors, including cheesy nachos, quesadillas and corn on the cob. Read on for recipes and entertaining tips to get the party started.




There are two key components to any Mexican-themed bash: frozen margaritas and guacamole. Blend a pitcher of classic margaritas and set out freshly made guacamole as soon as guests arrive, and they’ll be perfectly content as you finish up the rest of the meal.


An array of small plates can be fun and communal to share in place of a traditional main course. Grilled nachos with black beans are perfect for a crowd — just let everyone serve themselves from the dish. Make a few quesadillas filled with grilled chicken, poblano peppers and corn , then slices them into wedges for easy snacking. Finally, simple grilled corn inspired by Mexican street food tastes wonderful spread with cayenne-spiked mayo and rolled in cotija cheese.


Weekend Entertaining: Backyard Fiesta


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  • Day of: Prep the ingredients for the quesadillas — grill the chicken, roast the peppers, caramelize the onions and cook the corn. Make the guacamole, cover and store in the refrigerator.
  • Just before serving: Assemble and grill the quesadillas. Grill the corn. Make the nachos.


Short on time? Use a margarita mix to create your perfect cocktail. Just add tequila and ice and blend until smooth. If you do make them from scratch, play around with different flavors like watermelon, passion fruit or ginger. Either way, don’t forget flavored salts for rimming the glasses!


Cookware and tools that are attractive enough to bring to the table make serving a crowd much easier. Try these picks for grilling and serving corn, along with this grill tray, which hold heat to keep food warm as it’s served. Also, a molcajete is both functional and festive for a party.


Big, bold flavors need a table that’s just as cheerful. Bring bright, warm tones to the presentation with printed napkins, small, vibrant plates, and simple orange blooms in a mason jar.

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