Weekend Entertaining: Easy Spring Brunch

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This weekend, invite friends over for a breezy spring brunch on the porch or patio (weather permitting). Our easy-to-prepare menu is perfect for a leisurely gathering, allowing hosts to work ahead and spend more time at the table instead of the kitchen.


Our delicious twist on the classic strata replaces the usual bread crumbs with diced bagels — and since it needs to be refrigerated overnight before baking, it’s ideal for entertaining. For accompaniments, offer guests yogurt, granola and a simple fruit salad. Pair with an assortment of our croissants and morning buns, and your meal is complete.


Bright linens, natural baskets and colorful flowers keep the mood light and fresh for spring. Keep reading for recipes and serving tips for this no-fuss, easygoing brunch.


Bagel Strata with Sausage and Spring Vegetables
In our delicious twist on the classic strata, we swap in diced bagels for bread cubes. Make it the night before, then just pop the baking dish in the oven the next morning. When your guests arrive, brunch will be ready to serve.
Handcrafted Pastries
Set out artisanal croissants and morning buns on a simple wooden board with homemade or store-bought preserves. A cake stand with a dome makes a more elegant presentation for pastries.


Tropical Fruit Salad with Toasted Coconut
This colorful fruit salad is excellent served alone or as an addition to the fruit and yogurt parfaits below.
Yogurt-Granola Parfaits
Spoon yogurt and granola into tumbler glasses and top with fresh fruit or jam, if you like. If you can, set up a buffet and set out the ingredients out in serving bowls so guests can build their own parfaits.


Brunch Beverages
Place a carafe of coffee and a pitcher of orange juice on the table for guests to pass around (add fresh orange slices for a fresh feel). Chill a bottle of Champagne to make mimosas, and offer cream and sugar for coffee drinkers.

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