Weekly Wrap-Up (1/8-1/14)

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In case you missed them, we’ve compiled our favorite blog posts of the week all in one place so you can read, get inspired — and cook!


Baking Tip: It’s All About the Details!
Don’t be intimidated by the detailed cakelet or Bundt pans gracing the pages of the Williams-Sonoma catalog. Just follow these easy tips and you’ll surely impress friends and family alike at your next dinner party, birthday, or celebration.
Interested in Trying Juice?
Find out how to incorporate juice into your diet with expert Joe Cross, and try some of his favorite juicing combinations.
Got 15 Minutes for a Savory, Slow-Cooked Meal?
Using a slow cooker to help you make food quickly may seem like a contradiction, but slow cookers can save time for busy cooks. These recipes require only 15 minutes of prep time, so you can turn on the machine and go about your day.
4 Tips & Tricks to Start Juicing
Our juicing convert shares her tips for getting started — now she drinks fresh, homemade juice almost every day!
Delivering Extra Virginity Since 1956
Williams-Sonoma has always been passionate about top-quality olive oil. Get the inside scoop on this weekend’s book signing event with Tom Mueller, author of Extra Virginity:  The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil. 
Why We Cook: Chocolate Chip Cookies
Learn how one blogger cooks to connect with her family, past and present.
Discover Your Local Farm: Baked Eggs with Crispy Potato Cakes
Once you taste a farm fresh egg, you’ll never go back. That’s what this contributor learned after visiting a farm — along with some stellar gardening tips. Recipe included!
Lentils Around the World
Lentils are often listed among the “superfoods,” thanks to a high protein, low fat nutritional profile. Try them in one of these dishes, each inspired by a different region of the world — you may be surprised how one ingredient can produce a variety of savory results.

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