Weekly Wrap-Up (4/15-4/21)

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In case you missed them, we’ve compiled our favorite blog posts of the week all in one place so you can read, get inspired — and cook!


Creating a Kitchen Herb Garden
When you have fresh herbs an arm’s length away, it changes the way you think about meals. Rather than a trip to the market, you can just grab your scissors, cut a few herb sprigs and instantly add flavor to any dish. Get started with this simple guide.
Q&A with Chef Billy Allin
Chef Billy Allin, the chef and owner at Georgia’s Cakes & Ale, is famous for his seasonal menu, which features ingredients grown by his family in the restaurant’s rooftop garden. Read his thoughts on edible gardening and find his delicious spring recipes here.
Brunch 101: How to Make a Frittata
A fresh frittata makes a perfect centerpiece for a springtime brunch. Follow these steps for a perfect frittata, cooked start to finish in our top-rated pan.
5 Rhubarb Recipes for Every Time of Day
Rhubarb is one of the first new ingredients to pop up at farmers’ markets come spring, but plenty of cooks are unsure of how to use it. Try these recipes to see how rhubarb can star in many dishes, from breakfast to dinner.
Quick & Easy Fava Beans with Olive Oil & Lemon
Try this super simple preparation of seasonal fava beans, accented with a light vinaigrette and a bit of shaved cheese. It comes together in under 30 minutes — shelling time included!
Brunch 101: How to Make Tender, Flaky Biscuits
Homey, fresh baked biscuits are a staple of breakfast and brunch menus, whether smeared with sweet preserves or topped with creamy gravy. Learn the secret to making them perfectly tender in this step-by-step guide.
How to Pair Wine with Brunch
Our wine expert suggests his favorite picks to pair with egg dishes and bright spring days.
Weekend Entertaining: Outdoor Wine & Pizza Party
Invite friends over for a hands-on, grill-your-own pizza party. Paired with robust wines on a warm evening, this party menu is satisfying and simple to pull off — especially if you prep pizza dough and toppings the night before.

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