What We’re Reading: Bake Good Things


What We're Reading: Bake Good Things

Ready to give your baking skills a boost? Our new cookbook Bake Good Things is your guide to home-baked treats, from flaky biscuits and chewy cookies to beautiful layer cakes worthy of a bakery display.


With step-by-step directions for mastering all the essential techniques — think rolling out pie dough or working with yeast — this book is like your personal baking class. You’ll learn little tips and secrets for success, and each primer is followed by a selection of mouthwatering, easy-to-follow recipes so you can put your new knowledge to the test. Plus, you can do it all with just a few common kitchen tools and basic bakeware — no special equipment required. Say good-bye to grocery store cakes and boxed brownies forever, and learn to bake good things at home.


Here are a few of our favorite recipes from the book. Grab a copy and get started today!


Oatmeal Streusel Jam BarsOatmeal Streusel Jam Bars
These crave-worthy bars only require one dough — part of it’s pressed into the bottom of the pan to make the crust, and the rest serves as the crunchy streusel topping. Use your favorite flavor of jam to make them your own.
Strawberry Jam MuffinsStrawberry Jam Muffins
Have your jam and eat it too — inside your muffins! At the center of these genius treats is a dollop of tangy jam, which bakes right along with them.
Zucchini BreadZucchini Bread
This retro-style treat gets added moisture from prunes, so you don’t need much fat in the batter. Chopped walnuts lend some crunch, but feel free to substitute pecans or almonds instead.
Biscuit Breakfast SandwichesBiscuit Breakfast Sandwiches
These savory sandwiches are hearty and filling, but still dainty and cute. The basic biscuits are delectable on their own, but adding your favorite breakfast ingredients takes them over the top.
Bacon and Cheese SconesBacon and Cheese Scones
People think of scones as sweet treats, but they can also be filled with savory ingredients, like these irresistible rounds of cheesy, bacon-y goodness. For a sinfully delicious treat, spread halved scones with sweet onion jam.
Broccoli-Cheddar QuicheBroccoli-Cheddar Quiche
Quiche is super-versatile because you can add whatever ingredients sound good to you. We love this vegetarian broccoli and cheddar combo for any meal.
Coconut Pound Cake with Mango-Lime ToppingCoconut Pound Cake with Mango-Lime Topping
This easy pound cake is baked in a loaf pan and easy to slice, so it’s great to have around for snacking. It gets a double dose of coconut flavor from shredded coconut and coconut extract.

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