Agrarian Giveaway: Kilner Jam Pan Kit

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Congratulations to Beth H., winner in the second week of our Agrarian giveaway. Beth is the lucky new owner of a full set of Kilner Canning Jars, plus our Canning Label, Tag and Recipe Card Set.


The next prize up in our month-long giveaway is a full Kilner Jam Pan Kit, which includes the Kilner Jam Pan, Kilner Jam Jar Tongs, and Kilner Stainless-Steel Easy-Fill Funnel.


For your chance to win this week’s prize, just leave a comment below by Friday, August 24 at 5:00 pm (PT). We’ll pick a winner at random.


Want to know if you’re the lucky winner? We’ll email our prize winner on Monday 8/28, so be sure to check your inbox. Good luck!


94 comments about “Agrarian Giveaway: Kilner Jam Pan Kit

  1. Adrienne Icenhower

    Attended the classes, and I’m dying to get started on preserving some fruit. Would love to do it with this equipment! I’ve seen it in action and it’s not just a pretty face!

  2. Kelly B

    Wanting to learn jam making and canning in the worst way! Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Trudy

    I LOVE the Williams-Sonoma new Agrarian focus! Please do not let this fade away! We tried the Kilner jars, Pomona’s Pectin and some Weck jars, and had great success with all. The one problem we had this weekend was trying a recipe for peach jam using natural pectin from one of the canning books we picked up this week at W-S. Instead of using the Pomona’s pectin, we followed the recipe exactly, which called for lemon juice and apples (for pectin). Although the author stated that she used non-reactive pans, I used a copper confiture pan, which reacted with the lemon juice and left a bitter aftertaste to the beautiful preserves. My DIL and I voted the Weck jars were too beautiful to waste on not-so-perfect preserves, so out went the batch! Now I need a non-reactive pan, and this Kilner pan looks great!

    My husband and I are now trying to figure out how to turn an outbuilding into a canning kitchen, and want the W-S beehives! Wow! I never thought we’d see this from W-S and we are so proud to have them in our little community of Madison, Mississippi!

  4. Joe

    My grandmother was always the one to can in our family. I helped on many occassions and I would love to try again.

  5. Sert

    I’m a chef and I recently started making jam because my daughters were really into this. This would be a great help in the kitchen.

  6. Lindsay

    Oh, how fun! I’m teaching my 4 year old how to make jam right now so he can make his own pb&j’s. I love the Williams-Sonoma recipes, every one I’ve tried has been repeated!

  7. Carol Gimmel

    I am a senior who loves to cook with my grandsons. They love their W-S kids cookbook and we use that often. In the summer and fall we pick fruit at a local farm and then begin to create. So far this summer we have made fruit pies, jam and sorbet. Would love to have some equipment that isn’t fifty years old. Thanks!

  8. Elaine W

    Making jam is one of my son’s favorite cooking activities! He’s involved in every part of the process: picking, jam making and of course, the eating!! The set looks beautiful. Thank you for the opportunity.

  9. Michele Bartlett

    I want to learn how to canning and jam making. I would LOVE to have this set to get me started.




  11. Sarah Ann

    I am in desperate need of this jamming/canning set. All of my tomatoes are starting to ripen all at once! And the berries of summer are fading away.

  12. KristiP

    Canning makes me think of my grandmothers — I love the feeling and the product that results!

  13. Cady

    My best friend just got into canning! I need the equipment for her to show me how to get started.

  14. Jessica O

    My brother has recently taken an interest in making jam and preserves, and has me interested as well – this set would let us really dive in to making some delicious treats for family and friends!

  15. Terri Terreault

    I love your Agrarian line! Keep up the good work & please pick me for the much needed Kilner Jam Pan set! Thank you.

  16. Brandi H.

    Some of my earliest memories are of my Grandma and Grandaddy making fig preserves and mayhaw jelly. I now use some of their same recipes in my own kitchen. I would love the opportunity to pass down this loved family tradition to my niece and nephew with the Kilner pan and tools above.

  17. Jill

    I live in the woods and would love to can some of the berries growing wild. It would be fun and a way of enjoying nature through the tummy.

  18. Kate

    I just started canning and would love to have a large kettle like this! I’ve been dividing my batches because all my pots are too small. Here’s hoping!

  19. Betsy Farmer

    My husband and I have been teaching ourselves how to can and we now have the canning ‘bug’. We’ve been picking wild blackberries for a few days now and plan on making some vinegars and jams with them. I also ordered WS canning cookbook, which comes tomorrow and I CAN (pun intended) not wait to get it! Would love, love, love to win this! 🙂

  20. Ann

    Great Grandma’s Rhubarb Apricot Jam will be the first batch out of the Kilner Jam Pan Kit. Second recipe – Blueberry Lime. And the list goes on!

  21. casey

    looking forward to learning to can and jar food. Especially since we have a drought upon us, I think it will be very important to learn and teach my son these ways. If everyone does just a little, it can make a BIG difference!

  22. Sheri Q

    What a great jam making set! Just in time for the end of summer extras I always love to put up for later. Fingers crossed!

  23. Heather W.

    I’ve just started getting into canning using my grandmother’s old supplies. I sure wish that she was still here to teach me. I would love the jam pan, it’s beautiful. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  24. Mary Jo Dennis

    I would absolutely LOVE this Pan Kit!!!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  25. Faye

    I would love to win this set. I have been canning for years and my utensils are more than a little weary. I am so pleased to see the trend towards preserving foods without the chemical toxins that are commercially used

  26. Denise W

    Oh, I have been eyeing this pan for quite some time now! And I am loving your Agrarian series. I am in the midst of canning and as of today I have made 15 different kinds of jams, preserves, confits, conserves, chutneys and butters. Along with the dilled beans, pickled vegetables, corn relish, etc. etc. Friends gave me two buckets full of wild plums last week and two 5-gallon buckets full of beets this week…so you know what’s happening here in this tiny kitchen! These tools would surely be put to use here. Thank you for sharing.

  27. Sophia

    My mom and I started canning this year and this pan would be a great addition to our kitchen!

  28. Jeri

    I love to can, and appreciate all the great products you offer! This would be wonderful to have! Thnx!

  29. Lindsay VB

    What a wonderful set of jars. I am not ashamed to make the food I produce at home look even better!

  30. Jessica Hayes

    Me and my husband make brandied-fig jam every year! Excellent with a cheese platter, pate sandwich, or on rye toast!

  31. Kristen Sotherden

    I learned to make jam from a kind lady way up in Machias, Maine. She took me under her wing, during the era of taking time off of college to “find” myself and getting and taught me how to make rasberry jam and garlic-dill pickles. People still ask me for some of that delicious sweet pepper relish that she also showed me how to make that summer. So, here I am, up in Northern Vermont, canning the cooler nights away. Tonight was 6 quarts of crushed tomatoes and a giant glass jug of refrigerator pickles!

  32. Ann

    What a great way to be jammen’ in the kitchen! A great pan and even better is giving the jams away as gifts! Thanks WS!

  33. caragh

    Woud love to give strawberry jam to friends for a hostess gift and make the recipe great with the proper tools

  34. caragh

    have great strawberry jam recipe and would love to can it right and give it for gifts!

  35. Gab

    Looks like a great kit and a fun project to do with my kids! Definitely gives me food for thought!

  36. Hayley

    Love the agrarian focus of WS! I have always wanted to can especially since my grandmother used to do it all the time. I would love to continue the tradition!

  37. Susan O'Connor

    Hi! Just canned first peaches of my life-picked them at Eastmount Orchards in Colt’s Neck NJ. Loved the process but tools were awkward. Would so appreciate the Kilner Jam Kit so I can keep up with the wonderful food coming out of Brooklyn, New York!!!!

  38. Sara Jay

    Retired and once again able to devote time and energy to gardening, I’ve re-learned the pleasure and rewards of home canning. My new Kentucky home has returned me to the rhythms of a rural life. A life which I enjoyed as a new wife and mother in a place many miles away from here, and many years ago.

  39. annie

    I’m ready to try jam making without pectin, but not without real jam-making equipment like this!

  40. Brittany B

    I’m just getting into canning and LOVE it! This kit would be so nice to have!!

  41. CarolynH

    This is a mother-daughter activity my older sisters enjoyed with my mother, but I missed out. I want to win and have my mom can with my son and me. My husband and I are growing our own garden and this Kilner Jam Pan Kit would be so useful to us! Thank you for this chance to win.

  42. JosephH

    We’re growing vegatables and fruits and this equipment would be an excellent prize for my family to win. Thanks for the chance to win.

  43. Rachel

    If I had this kit I would make jams, pickles, relishes, you name it. Meyer lemon marmalade and tomato relish would be first on my list.

  44. Jeanne McCartney

    I just had my first canning lesson two weeks ago, and I’m itching to get going on Oregon’s bounty of fruits to preserve! I have my eyes on some chutney and fruit butter recipes I’m longing to try.

  45. Rene Azzara

    I love making jams and jellies with wild berries we harvest in Alaska. I think this set would also be a great asset when I make Fireweed-Clover Honey!

  46. Dave Mooney

    Love to have this, Will be stopping at Williams Sonoma this weekend.
    Checking out some classes on WW flour and breads.

  47. Marie

    I’ve taken a few cooking classes and would love to try out some new tricks with this set

  48. Nicole Ledoux

    We’ve been busy all summer teaching our city-dwelling niece and nephew about where food comes from, how it’s grown, and how the processed foods they love are made. We’ve visited local farms and picked tons of fruits and vegetables, and planted, grown and picked our own in container gardens in the backyard. We’d love to continue the lessons by preserving some of the berries we’ve picked–this equipment would allow that to happen!

  49. trina

    This would be incredible! I’ve just started canning produce from my community garden plot in Boston. Thus far, I’ve put up tomatillo salsa, roasted tomato sauce, and pickled green cherry tomatoes (for martinis!) This set would be perfect for the sweeter side of preserving!

  50. Misty

    These jam pans are just lovely! Isn’t canning the ultimate way to feel good about the bounty of our lands…ahhhh, it just slows everything down and puts us in place!
    So grateful.

  51. Peggy Greubel

    Saw this pan in your store and was impressed by its heft and the fact it has measurements. Would love to win it:)

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