Your Pasta Questions, Answered!

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Your Pasta Questions, Answered!

Making pasta is an art. Whether you’re mixing and rolling it from scratch or cooking dried pasta, we’re here to help you master it!


Check out our new Pasta Primer, a guide to the most popular shapes, best sauces and essential techniques you need to know. You’ll find an overview of different fresh, dried and stuffed pastas, along with an explanation of which shapes to pair with classic sauces like meat ragus, pestos and lighter tomato sauces. Plus, you can see all of our favorite recipes for each style of pasta.


See it here, then stay tuned for more pasta tips and techniques this week!

4 comments about “Your Pasta Questions, Answered!

  1. yazdy s. patel

    PL. advise me on a long-unanswered question. i would like to know whether i can cook tubes like elbow or penne or bucatini by using the RISOTTO method of putting small what ratio of water to pastamounts of hot water or stock instead of boiling large quantities of water and puting all the pasta at-once.if this method works, then what ratio of water to pasta. i have seen a recipe of this method in a FRENCH cookbook. pl. advise. thank you for your help.

    1. Williams-Sonoma Post author

      Hi yazdy s. patel, we sent your question along to our Test Kitchen cooks, and though they are familiar with the technique you’re describing, they haven’t tried it themselves. Thus, they didn’t feel comfortable giving exact ratios and quantities. Without being too prescriptive, they recommended simply adding water or stock a little bit at a time until the pasta is al dente; it may take a couple of trials to get it just right. Good luck — let us know how it works!

  2. Steve J Jorde

    I make my own pasta using the Kitchen Aid Pasta Press and I also mill my own durum wheat flour using the Nutrimill. No matter how hard I try, my rigatoni always splits into very unattractive pieces when I boil it in salted water. What am I doing wrong? I would love it if my rigatoni would stay in one piece for once!


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