Our Top Tips for Fabulous Easter Entertaining

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Williams-Sonoma stylist Rebecca Robertson's Easter entertaining tips!

An elegant Easter dinner is the ultimate springtime celebration. Inspired by the colorful table in our latest catalog, we asked our stylist Rebecca Robertson to share her top tips for creating a beautiful Easter gathering at home. Here, she explains how to pull it off with fresh accents, creative layering and a touch of playful charm.

Rebecca Robertson’s Rules for Fabulous Easter Entertaining


Easter Entertaining TipsMix and match patterns. But stay in the same color family, says Rebecca. “Soft pastels mix well with one another.” She likes white, pale blues and natural tans for Easter, plus pops of springy green and yellow.


Play with contrasting textures. “I love mixing textures on a table—it add richness and depth,” she says. “Here, the rustic chargers are a nod to the Easter nests and more natural textures that echo the basket weave on the plates.”


Combine old and new. Don’t be afraid to incorporate special Easter pieces in with your everyday ones, but again, stick with a specific color scheme. Rebecca loves mixing white and cream pieces on the same table, especially with a centerpiece or another special item (like our bunny serving pieces).


Easter Entertaining Tips

Keep it functional. Choose a few special pieces to focus on so you don’t overwhelm the table, Rebecca advises. “Make sure you leave room for the food!” Think about height; guests should easily be able to see each other.


Serve family style. “I want my guests to have everything they need at their setting, but not so many forks, knives and glasses that they are confused,” she says. “I like to serve family style because it forces people to pass dishes and interact with one another.”


Display decorated eggs. Rebecca’s tip: “Set them in a beautiful big bowl at the table. You can also nestle them in a nest at each place setting.”



Pick cheerful, unfussy flowers. “Small daisies are lovely for Easter entertaining,” says Rebecca. “Ranuculus are a beautiful spring flower—they come in white an colors—and wildflowers feel informal and sweet.” She recommends placing them in a big white pitcher or in mason jars scattered around the table.


2016 Easter Table Color Corrected

Happy host, happy guests. The most important thing you can do to make people feel at home and relaxed at your table is be relaxed yourself, says Rebecca. “Be organized. Lay out your serving dishes ahead of time, and set the table the night before. Take time to think of your seating plan so that you yourself can be relaxed and spend time with your guests.”


What are your plans for Easter? Share them with us below.


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  2. Jan Yeager

    A small thing, but it caught my eye in an instant: the silverware pictured with this email opening page is out-of-order. Yes, it may be an effort towards creativity, but it’s not in line with proper etiquette re table settings.

      1. Paula Ainsworth

        Smaller salad fork goes closest to the dinner plate. Remember you work outward from the plate.

    1. Jeannine

      Jan, I can’t see the error. Could you please share what it is so I don’t make the same mistake?

      1. Paula Ainsworth

        Hold on, morning fog. Just the opposite of what I previously posted. You work inward. So, I don’t see the mistake either. Other than missing pieces.

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  4. lilyann

    All I see is your missing a fork at the setting that you still have the napkin rolled up.


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