13 Reasons Why Our Customers Can’t Get Enough of Thermo-Clad Cookware

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Ideal for everything from searing and pan-frying to whipping up omelets and scrambled eggs, our Italian-made Thermo-Clad cookware consistently gets 5-star ratings — and for good reason. It’s designed, engineered to our precise specifications, using a proprietary aluminum alloy that provides up to 35% better thermal conductivity than any aluminum clad-metal cookware on the market.


But that’s just our perspective, of course. Here’s what our fans say about the cookware.

1. “The best omelet pan ever.” – @M2KJazz

2. “Excellent match for induction cooktops.” – @BeckySouth

3. “MY FAVORITE PAN.” – @scootsmom1

4. “High side walls reduce splatter and messes!” – @CloudyGirl

5. “Destined to be our go-to pan — a value item.” – @MarcoAndres1

6. “Excellent cookware and no sharp edges!” – @Georgio

7. “Why did I wait so long for excellent cookware?” – @LMWlovestocook

8. “Happy for three years and counting!” – @Jancs

9. “Great cooking and easy to clean.” – @Rayito100


11. “As good as it looks.” – @Garwee

12. “Marvelous fry pan sensation in the kitchen.” – @NWIT

13. “About as good as it gets for cookware.” – @DanielW

View the entire Thermo-Clad Cookware collection here

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